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Baketivity offers tasty recipes, fantastic learning experiences, and memories you’ll treasure—all in one easy-as-pie baking box.
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Box Details:

Baketivity is a monthly baking subscription box for kids; it includes all pre-measured ingredients, clear step by step illustrated instructions, and various educational lessons. Baketivity teaches kids different baking and kitchen skills, which will boost their confidence and self-esteem. The kits also include high-quality educational activities and lessons. It’s fun, it’s informative, and it’s delicious.

Additonal Info:

What You Get:

  • Step by step instructions book
  • Child-friendly activity book
  • Pre-measured packed ingredients
  • Extra organizer box!
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My ingredients are hard, what happened?
Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal! And it doesn’t mean anything is old or off. Our ingredients are vacuum-packed for freshness, and the vacuum-packing process can make some ingredients seem hard or solid. Just open up the bag and give the contents a shake, and you’ll have everything back to normal (and guaranteed fresher, too!)

We have allergies, can we taste our Baketivity treats?
Unfortunately, Baketivity is not yet nut-free. Our ingredients are packed and processed in a facility containing nuts. But we’re always looking to make our baked goodies available for everyone, so stay tuned!

We’re gluten-free, is there a box for us?
Yes! We’re thrilled to offer both wheat-free and gluten-free options, with many more to come soon.

Which ages will enjoy Baketivity lessons and games?
Each lesson and activity can be adapted for ages 4-10, although your littlest ones may need some help understanding the lessons and activities.

I signed up for a subscription, can I pick my boxes?
When you subscribe, you’ll receive the best of our Baketivity baking kits every 10th of the month. If you’re in the mood for a favorite recipe, you can order any individual baking kit (or kits!) whenever you’d like.

I chose a 3 month subscription, can I extend it further?
All subscriptions are auto-renewed unless otherwise requested or canceled, so go ahead and get baking!

Can I get specialty boxes in my subscription?
As of now, our specialty baking boxes for kids (such as birthday cake, and gluten-free option) are by individual order, and our not included in our subscriptions.

How can I gift Baketivity?
You can gift subscriptions by checking the “this is a gift” box at checkout and enter the recipient’s email address.
If you want to gift a single box, check the “ship to a different address” at checkout and enter the recipient’s shipping address.

Is Baketivity certified kosher?
Yes! All Baketivity baking kits and ingredients are certified kosher and our plant is FDA approved.

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