Bath Blessing Box

Shipping since: August 2018
$39.99 per month
Bath Blessing Box is the premier Spa Subscription box for Bath and Shower Lovers. Perfect for those who prioritize their selfcare or as gift subscription for those who deserve pampering!
Shipping: FREE US, $17 Canada, $22 International
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Monthly
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Box Details:

Bath Blessing Box is calling all Bath & Shower Lovers! We’re your premier Spa Subscription! Each month you’ll receive artisan, natural and essential oil based bath and body products to transform your bath into a Sanctuary. Relax, Rinse & Repeat! Perfect for those who prioritize their selfcare or as gift subscription for those who deserve pampering! Helping our subscribers live a relaxed and renewed lifestyle while learning of new brands and supporting artisan entrepreneurs.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each box will feature 5-8 items and will include…

  • one or more luxury bar soaps
  • one or more delicious body scrub, salt, soak or body butter to die for
  • one or more bath bomb/shower steamer (you will get to tell us if you prefer just bath or just shower items)
  • additional items can include bath inspired goodies and accessories
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What is Bath Blessing Box? 

We are a monthly surprise subscription box boasting luxury bath and body essentials. We feature and create artisan healthy and natural products for those who want to live a relaxation and renewed lifestyle.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

We know you will love your box, but you may cancel anytime. You will always be welcomed back as spots are available.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds, but you may cancel at anytime.

When will I be billed?

If you sign up today as a new subscriber for the monthly box, you will be billed immediately for the next available box. If you are a current subscriber, you will be automatically billed for your next box on the 1st of every month. If you prepay to earn savings for the 3, 6 or 12 month memberships, you will be billed immediately. For your convenience at the end of either membership term, your account will automatically renew for the same term and you will be charged on the 1st of the recurring month.

When will my box ship?

Your subscription box will ship the third week of every month, between 15 – 22nd approximately. We have a few exceptions in the Month’s of February (Valentine’s Day), May (Mother’s Day) and Christmas (December) we will ship about 5 days earlier in order to accommodate for holiday.  subscriptions.  Another exception is if you purchase after a ship date and there is stock available, you may start your subscription with the current month.

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Yes, you can! Gifting is an integral part of Bath Blessing. We want to make gifting/blessing easy for you! Gift subscriptions do not auto-renew.  These purchases must be purchased on the one-time link and are not eligible for coupon use.

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