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Bokksu is a subscription box of premium Japanese snacks and teas delivered from Japan to your door every month.
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Ships from: Asia
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Box Details:

Bokksu delivers original assortments of premium Japanese snacks and teas on a monthly subscription basis. Each month’s box is curated around a cultural theme with selections from artisanal local snack and tea makers throughout Japan.

Additonal Info:

What You Get:

  • Classic Bokksu: 20-25 snacks and tea pairings
  • Tasting Bokksu: 10-14 snacks and tea

24-Page Culture Guide Magazine that details each product’s origin, flavors, and even common allergens.

Free shipping worldwide (plus free tracking to over 40 countries!).

Auto-renew with the option to pause or cancel anytime.

Your first box will ship out within 5 days.

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When will I be billed?

After you place your initial subscription order, you will be billed immediately for your first box shipment and as long as your subscription is active, you will continue being billed on the same day of the month going forward.

Can I return my snacks?

Bokksu curates artisanal, gourmet perishable snacks, and sometimes finds the items have short shelf lives. All items purchased are non-refundable. Since your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, if you happen to encounter any damaged items within your box, please do not hesitate to let us know at so we can help.\

How can I skip a box shipment?

Monthly subscribers can easily skip a shipment at any time. To skip a shipment:

1. Log in to your Bokksu Account

2. Go to “My Account” → “Manage Subscriptions”

3. Go to “Renewal Schedule”

4. Skip one or more upcoming renewals

Note: If you are a multi-month subscriber and would like to skip a prepaid shipment, please contact us at for help.

Skipping all upcoming shipments shown on this page is not the same as deactivating your subscription, and your subscription will renew on the next scheduled shipment. If you wish to deactivate your subscription, please see “How do I deactivate my subscription?”

How can I deactivate my subscription?

Subscribers can deactivate their subscription at any time based on our cancellation policy (See “What is your cancellation policy?”).

Please note that deactivating your subscription only prevents your subscription from renewing in the future; it does not cancel orders already placed.

To deactivate your subscription:

1. Log in to your Bokksu Account

2. Go to “My Account” → “Manage Subscriptions”

3. Click “Deactivate” on the right hand side of your subscription. For mobile devices, please turn your screen to landscape mode to see the link.

4. Select a reason for deactivating your subscription. This step is mandatory. If you do not select a reason and proceed to the next screen, your subscription will not be deactivated.

5. Click “Deactivate my subscription” on the next page.

Your subscription has now been deactivated! You will receive an email confirmation shortly. When you return to your Subscription Management page, you should see that your subscription has been crossed out.

Note: If your subscription has not been crossed out, then it has not been deactivated.

If you have any questions about this process or would like assistance, please contact our support team at!

What is your cancellation policy?

Subscription deactivations must be made at least 1 day prior to your subscription renewal date. If your renewal date is on the 25th of each month, the 24th is the last day to cancel in order to not be billed for next month’s shipment.

Deactivating your subscription only prevents future renewals, it does not cancel existing orders. If you complete the cancellation process after your subscription renews, that renewal will be your last box, and your subscription will not renew in the future.

Will my shipment include tracking?

Yes! Your shipments will include tracking for free. If you have any questions about your tracking, please feel free to reach out.

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