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Bombfell is an online personal styling service for men and one of the fastest-growing startups in NYC. We’re building a powerful, entirely personalized retail experience that enables everyday guys to buy their clothes with confidence.

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How it Works: You pay for the clothes you keep. Our average price point is $89 per item, with a fair amount of variation. When you sign up, you can set your budget by item, and we’ll do everything we can to find the best clothes for you within that budget.

We charge a $20 styling fee with each order that includes a dedicated personal stylist, free shipping + returns, and convenient home try-on, and will be applied toward anything you choose to keep.

If you choose to keep 4+ items in a single shipment, you’ll get 20% off of your entire purchase. If you keep 3 items, you’ll get 15% off. If you keep 2 items, you’ll get 10% off.

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How often will I receive a shipment?

The default option is to receive shipments on a monthly basis, but you can change your frequency to once every two or three months, or only on demand, in your Frequency settings or by going to “Account” → “Frequency” in your account dashboard.

You can also re-schedule your next shipment in the “Orders” page of your account dashboard.

Can I just hold off on shipments for a few months?

If you’re just looking to take a one-time break without changing shipment frequency, you can re-schedule your next email preview date by navigating to“Orders” in your account dashboard.

I really like Bombfell, but can’t accept any shipments right now. What do I do?

You can pause your account at any time here or by navigating to “Account” → “Pause Account” in your account dashboard. When you’re ready to resume, just log back in and follow the prompts!

I need to cancel my account. What should I do?

To cancel your account, email

I have a specific question not addressed anywhere in FAQ. What should I do?

Give us a shout! You can email with any questions – our Client Services team replies to 99% of messages within 24 hours.

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