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$54.99 quarterly (starting from)
Boxed4me is a seasonal subscription for pre-teen girls. Filled with thoughtfully chose products every girl will love. These fabulous seasonal boxes ship out four times a year.
Shipping: varies by location
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Ships from: Canada
Ships: Quarterly
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Box Details:

Boxed4me is a seasonal subscription for pre-teen girls. Our fabulous seasonal boxes ship out four times a year. Clients can subscribe at any point in the year to start receiving their four boxes. For those not ready to commit to a full year, we offer boxes to be purchased individually as well while supplies last.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each boxed4me box includes 6-8 different types of items. These may include a hair accessory, clothing and apparel, a piece of jewellery or other accessories, room decor, a novelty item, a craft or a game, and at least one “season appropriate” item.

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How does it work?
Boxed4me boxes are sent out seasonally (4 times a year). Each season, Boxed4me subscribers will receive an awesome package filled with unique items from brands they may not have discovered yet and most importantly, products that will put a smile on their face.

How much does it cost?
Boxes bought in a one year subscription are $49.75/box, plus shipping.

What is the retail value of the boxes?
The seasonal boxes have a retail value of a minimum of $65

What if I don’t want to commit to a year subscription?
For an additional $5.24 boxed4me boxes are also available on a one time purchase basis. These boxes contain all the same items that would be found in the subscription boxes, but don’t require the commitment. ​

When do you ship?
Seasonal boxes ship out 4 times a year. December, March, June and August.

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