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Cajun Crate discovers the best products from Louisiana, from well known brands to farmer's market finds.
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Cajun Crate discovers the best products from Louisiana, from well known brands to farmer’s market finds. Each box of Cajun Crate supports at least 7 Louisiana owned businesses. Cajun Crate features not only products made here in Cajun Country but also products made all over the state of Louisiana. We are Creole, Cajun, and Louisiana Certified.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each Cajun Crate includes 7-9 full size food and drink products (all non perishable) all made exclusively in Louisiana. Each box also comes with a digital guide of what is in the box and a little history about the product.

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Cajun Crates are a surprise!

We work with different suppliers each month to help bring you the best of Louisiana. But when you have ideas we would love to hear them!

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