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Make something special! The Craft in Style Box is full of modern craft supplies for Pinterest worthy goods!
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Every Month the Craft in Style Box by Pop Shop America will fill you with inspiration! Each box contains multiple stylish craft projects that all fit together to make stylish handmade goods. Projects include Gilded Terrariums, Sun Print Art Photography, Stationery Marbling, Watercolor Painting and more!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each box comes with all the supplies you need to create multiple projects that fit together. Boxes ship monthly but memberships can be one at a time up to one year. Each box comes with gorgeous art printables, full color instructions and detailed instructions and previous boxes can be found online.

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Each Box comes with Multiple Projects and full of modern & fresh craft supplies.
Easy Returns & Easy Exchanges.
Boxes ship within a 3 business days of billing.
Each box comes with a tracking number.
Cancel anytime with no additional fees.

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