Driftaway Coffee

Shipping since: October 2013
$17 per week
Freshly roasted coffee. Personalized to your taste. Delivered to your home.
Shipping: FREE to US, International Varies
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Ships from: USA
Currency: USD
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Driftaway Coffee is a Brooklyn-based coffee subscription service that sends personalized, freshly-roasted coffee directly to your home. Our mission is to make everyone drink amazing coffee at home. All subscriptions begin with a tasting kit that contains four distinct coffee profiles. Based on your preferences, future deliveries are matched to your taste profile. Because we change our coffees monthly, you’ll rarely receive the same coffee shipment twice. This allows you to explore the world of high-quality coffee from the comfort of home. Gift subscriptions are available as well.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Choose to receive, 7oz, 11oz or 16oz of coffee in each delivery. Shipping options are weekly, biweekly or monthly.

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To cancel your account go to My Account and click Cancel.

When filling out the form please be descriptive about what why you want to cancel. It helps us with our metrics and gives us tips on how to improve!

Prepaid plans can be canceled and refunded (pro-rated for # of deliveries shipped) within the first 30 days from purchase. After that, there’s no refund.

Please note that the cancellation does not happen automatically. We go through and cancel each subscription individually so that we can access the situation.


Just log in to your My Account and click on Pause/Cancel. You can also e-mail us at hi@driftaway.coffee. Let us know why you are pausing, so that we can learn from it and improve our service.

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