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The perfect everyday seamless panty, 10% of net sales go to microfinance loans to empower women out of poverty.
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We make seamless undies for women who kick ass every day and who want to empower other women to kick ass, too. That’s why 10% of our net sales go enabling women into business around the world.

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Monthly plan ‑ 1 pair per box

Quarterly plan (4x per year) ‑ 3 pairs per box

In total, you’re getting 12 pairs – you just let us know the frequency at which you’d like them mailed to you.

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Undies spilling out of the dresser? If you’d like to skip a month of your membership program, please log in to your My Account profile and click the “Manage Membership” button in the bottom right‑hand corner of the page. From there, click “Skip Next Shipment” and your next shipping date will be updated. Easy.


Don’t like your undies? Email us and we can look for a style that you prefer. Maybe you have too many undies? We can pause your membership. You’re moving to a nudist colony and no longer have any need for undies? We understand, say hi to Belle for us.

On a serious note, if you want to cancel your membership, please send us a note at seamlesssupport@join-eby.com.

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