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Shipping since: January 2017
$29.99 bimonthly
Escape the Crate is an escape room game delivered to you every other month!
Shipping: $5
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Bi-Monthly
Currency: USD
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Box Details:

Escape the Crate is an escape room game delivered to you every other month! Now you can bring all of the fun of an escape room into your own home…with a different adventure delivered every other month. Imagine escaping from a pirate ship, unraveling alien languages, solving murder mysteries, and defusing time bombs all from your own living room. Work with your friends and family to crack codes, solve riddles, and discover hidden items all while in a beautifully crafted story delivered every other month to you … all for the price of of just one person’s ticket at a regular escape room. We ship BIMONTHLY, so we ship every OTHER MONTH!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each box has everything you need to play an hour-long escape room… with no setup required. Internet access is required during the game to be able to watch videos and hear audio related to the adventure, but no internet research is required. Our website guides you along as you play.

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Do you ship every month?

No… We skip a month between mailings. Therefore, if you get your first box during the first week of June, your next will not arrive until the first month of August.

When will I get my crate?

Boxes ship out during the first work week of the month. Any box ordered between the 1st and the last day of the month will ship out during the first week of the following month.

Is there an age limit?

We do not like to put an age limit on the games, as it really depends upon the player. The puzzles and reading materials in the box are designed for players ages 10 and up… however, if you use the hints and have adult supervision, younger players have enjoyed the game. Just be aware that this box is designed to be challenging for adults, so it might cause some frustration for very young players. Be aware that some boxes contain scary themes, such as having a murder mystery to solve or mythological monsters to fight. We do not have graphic violence and everything is presented in a PG way. Some boxes that have very scary themes (like serial killers), actually have 2 games inside… one for the adults with scarier themes and one for families, so that everyone can have some fun.

How many people do you need to play?

Each game is designed for a small group of people and to be played around a kitchen table. We suggest 2-4 people, but as many as 6 can easily participate. We also have many subscribers who play solo, which also works!

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