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Evive offers unique and innovative frozen cubes that allow you to quickly prepare a nutritious meal while adding your own delicious twist.
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Evive offers unique and innovative frozen cubes that allow you to quickly prepare a nutritious meal while adding your own delicious twist. There are 2 subscriptions to choose from, they offer free shipping, you can pause, skip, or cancel anytime, you can easily modify your monthly Evive box, and they will send you a reminder before each next order.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Evive subscribers have two choices to make, your box size and its content!

  • They offer two box sizes: 15 products or 25 products
  • 14 smoothie flavours to choose from
  • 4 delicious plant-based meals
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If I place an order on your site, when will it be delivered?

All orders placed before midnight on Thursday will be delivered the following week, between Tuesday and Friday. For the orders placed after this deadline, packages will be delivered the following week, 10 days later. You will receive a confirmation email when your package is on the way.

How can I change my delivery frequency?

Note that you can change your frequency by yourself by accessing your Evive account. On the homepage of your account, you will see the frequency of your orders as well as the change in frequency.

Since it is a frozen product, how can I have it delivered to my home in good condition?

We deliver the smoothies with dry ice and thermal insulation. This keeps everything cold under 4 degrees for a period of at least 48 hours. Just refreeze the smoothies when you receive them.

If I’m not home during the delivery day, what happens?

We send the order without a required signature. The package will be left in front of your door or in a safe place. We also suggest you have them delivered to your work if you know you wont be home during the day, you can put them straight in the freezer once you get home.

I want to try the products just once, am I obliged to subscribe?

When you place your first order, a subscription will automatically be created. However, you can skip an order or cancel your subscription at any time.

I want to order the Evive Mason jar, how do I go about this?

Evive jars are not yet available on our website. This is an exclusive gift to our subscribers who receive it free of charge on their 4th order!

What are the recommended liquids to add and what are the required quantities?

For the smoothies: All our recipes have been developed to be great with water. On the other hand, for a creamy texture, we suggest adding a plant-based milk, like almond, oat, soy, etc. To make it easier for you and to avoid having to use a measuring cup, we suggest you simply cover the cubes with the liquid. For a snack, pop 4 cubes in a cup and for a full breakfast, you can pop 8 cubes.

For the meals: Simply warm the cubes, add a base (quinoa, pasta, rice, etc) and add the desired toppings! If you’d like to enjoy your meal as a soup, you can add vegetable broth, coconut milk, soy cream, etc. depending on the desired texture.

Is it possible to minimize the packaging of your products?

Our packaging is necessary for the preservation of the product. However, we choose to use a 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Also, all the materials used during our shipments are 100% recyclable, even the insulation!

Will your new flavours be available in grocery stores?

A lot of our flavours are available in grocery stores! However, some remain exclusively available online.

Is it possible to change the smoothie flavours or meals ordered for my next shipment?

You can change your order in your customer account under the “manage” tab. You can also skip a month, cancel your subscription, change your delivery address and add a promotional code under this tab.

Is it possible to know the nutritional values of each smoothie and meal?

Nutritional tables are available on the pages of each product. Click here to access them: https://en.evivenutrition.ca/collections/our-products

What should we do with the packaging after delivery?

All our packaging is recyclable, so you can recycle the insulation, the box and all the content (except the smoothies of course). For the dry ice, it will evaporate after a few hours. It is very important not to touch the dry ice with your fingers!

Do your products contain nuts and peanuts?

Some of our products contain cashews. All of our products may contain traces of nuts and peanuts because we work in a government environment that includes other agribusiness companies. Be careful before consuming products to check for allergies. Please consult our product ingredients before purchasing a meal or smoothie: https://en.evivenutrition.ca/collections/our-products

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