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Hand picked Japanese snacks and candies to club members around the world from only $12.99 a month!
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Freedom Japanese Market is a family business that curates, packs, and ships original, made-in-Japan snacks to all corners of the globe.

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What You Get: Various Japanese candies and snacks are pre-selected for each month’s box, with each month offering a new combination of popular, rare, and Japanese exclusive candies and snacks. Each box has about 7 to 15 candies and snacks.

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We will always give a refund if we have made a mistake on an order, however, we cannot offer refunds if the shipping address we are given is incomplete or contains the wrong information. Please double check your shipping information when creating your subscription.


Shipping is free of charge, worldwide!


Our customer service team is only able to consider two types of returns: damaged / missing goods, or a mistake on our part. If products are damaged or missing from a box, please take a picture and send it to us via email within 48 hours of receiving the box. If you believe we have made a mistake in your order, please contact our customer support as soon as you can.


You can cancel your subscription at any time, without fees or penalties. Just remember if you cancel after a subscription fee has been collected, you will receive the remaining box(es) of that plan, but will not be charged for future subscription fees.

Example: If you have a 3-month subscription, and have already received two boxes when you cancel, you will receive the final box, but future subscription payments will not be collected.

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