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Happy Legs Club offers healthy & organic shaving essentials directly to your door. Join the circle today!
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Happy Legs Club began with an idea that women shouldn’t have to overpay for razors just because they are women. And secondly, they shouldn’t have to overpay for products simply because they contain healthy ingredients. Solution:  Happy Legs Club!  We offer healthy shaving products directly to your door at an affordable cost. It started with the simple razor but has quickly grown into complete collection shave soaps and a full solution of bathroom essentials.

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What You Get: Happy Legs Club is extremely easy: Select one of our premium razors, choose your shipping schedule, we will send you a handle with your first order, and from this day forward your razors will be on cruise control, directly to your door. Never any shipping fees. We recommend you change your blade every 10-15 days for a premium shave. “Do I need to change it that often?” Maybe, maybe not. Either way, if you change your blade regularly you will ALWAYS have a smooth shave.

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1) How to order: Simply select your razor, select your blend of organic shave soap, and get ready for your new style of smooth and healthy legs.

2) How long before it ships: We typically ship within 24 – 48 business hours from the time of your order.

3) How do I order more product: Simply log in to your dashboard and select additional products to receive more products to your door.

4) How do I change my subscription: Simply log in to your dashboard, select edit on your subscription and pick a different subscription.

5) Can I skip a renewal: Yes, simply log in to your dashboard, select edit on your subscription and click Skip Renewal.

6) How do I cancel: Although we hope this never happens, you may log in to your dashboard and select edit on your subscription and click cancel.

7) How do I contact you for more questions: Simply email us at team@happylegsclub.com

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