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Shipping since: 1966
$18 per month (starting from)
The world's finest coffees carefully crafted and delivered fresh to you each month.
Shipping: FREE US, International Varies
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Monthly
Currency: USD
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With Peet’s Coffee each month you will experience a different limited release coffee that opens up the world of coffee. To ensure subscribers experience these exceptional single-origin beans and blends at their utmost, each order is roasted and shipped within 24 hours.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each month you will receive a different rare, limited edition single-origin coffee.

Choose from the following subscriptions:

  • $18 for one pound
  • $35 for two pounds
  • $49 for three pounds

And ground shipping is on us!

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How much will the subscription cost?

You will be charged the same amount each month; $18 for one pound, $35 for two pounds, or $49 for three pounds. And ground shipping is on us! (please see Question 8 for expedited and international shipping details)

When will I be charged for my Monthly subscription?

Each month, you will see a pending authorization for the total amount show up 24 – 48 hours before your scheduled shipment, and the amount will invoice once the order has shipped. You will also receive an email 6 days before you order is shipped in case you would like to make any last minute changes.

Can I adjust my subscription if I do not wish to receive this month’s exclusive or want to make other changes?

You can pause or skip your upcoming shipment up to 48 hours before it’s scheduled to send. There is no charge for pausing or skipping your shipment, and your subscription will automatically schedule for the next special offering so you won’t miss out! To make other changes to your Subscription—such as grind or ship date—access your account through the “Hello” or “Sign In” links at the top of each page. On the “My Account” page, click on your Subscription.

Will I receive an alert/preview of the coffee I will be receiving each month?

Of course. We’ll send you an exclusive preview email before the coffee launches on to give you a preview of the next offering. You’ll also see the coffee show up on your shipment notification 6 days before your order roasts and ships.

I’d rather receive a different coffee than this month’s exclusive. Do I have the option of modifying this month’s delivery?

Our Explorer Series Subscription is designed as an exclusive tasting of our most superb and unique offerings, but we understand that you may not want to try all of the coffees we select. While you are not able to modify the coffee that is being sent, you are free to skip this month’s shipment at no charge up to 48 hours before your scheduled order and your subscription will resume for the following month.

How can I pause my Explorer Series Subscription? What are the terms and conditions of my Pause?

  • You can pause your subscription for up to 90 days. To pause your Subscription:
  • Step 1: Sign in to your Account and click on your Subscription
  • Step 2: Select “Manage Subscription” (to the right of your Subscription number)
  • Step 3: Select “Pause This Subscription” and the date you would like it to resume.
  • Step 4: Click “Pause.

Can I buy more of my Explorer Series Subscription coffee after I receive my subscription shipment?

Can’t get enough of the special coffee you just received? Your subscription will already be set for the next month’s exclusive coffee, but you are welcome to place a standard order to receive more of this month’s exclusive coffee. But you better act fast—we only have limited quantities available and they won’t last long.

Are expedited or international shipping options available for Explorer Series subscribers?

Yes, expedited or international shipping is available for an additional fee. The cost of ground shipping will be credited towards your shipping preference—2nd day air, next day air, or international shipping.

After you have subscribed, if you wish to change your shipping method, you can go to “My Accounts  My Subscriptions” and select the subscription you wish to modify.

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