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$20 Styling Fee
Rockets of Awesome, the smarter way to shop for kids clothes.
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Quarterly
Currency: USD
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Rockets of Awesome is a service that simplifies the process of shopping for kids clothes. They deliver a personalized selection of stylish, high quality pieces 4 times a year, based on the customer’s preferences. The clothing is designed in-house with a focus on fashion, comfort, and affordability.

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How It Works:

There is a $20 service fee per box, which we’ll credit towards anything you keep. So, if you keep all items for $150, your total at checkout will be $130. Similarly, if you keep one $22 item and send back the rest, your total at checkout would be $2.

Please note, if you purchase items from your box totaling less than $20, you will not receive a refund for any remaining amount.

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Send back what you don’t want using the prepaid shipping label and mylar bag included in the box. The label is for USPS, so you can drop off the bag at the post office or blue USPS collections box.

If you’re missing the shipping label, a Rocket Scientist can easily send a new one to print via email. Bag too small? Send back returns in any packaging you’d like (even the blue box itself!)

Regarding sibling boxes: please be sure to send back the returns separately for siblings (that is, not packaged together in the same bag). Our warehouse identifies returns and attributes them to the individual orders by the order numbers on shipping labels.


To exchange, just send back the item you don’t want, then purchase the replacement separately through our online store, “The Shop.” Be sure to mark that you’re “returning” the piece at Box checkout to avoid a charge, then send it back with any other returns.

If your Shop order for the exchange is under $50, please contact the Rocket Scientists to waive the $5 shipping fee, making it an even exchange.


If you have an upcoming box scheduled, you’ll be able to skip it through our website.

Just log in and head to the “Box” page, then click “Manage Deliveries” under the “Status” section. From there, you’ll be able to skip by clicking “SKIP THIS BOX.”

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