Shipping since: October 2015
$10 per month
TeeBlox is a monthly subscription service for Geeks and Gamers that delivers high quality t-shirts monthly.
Shipping: $2.99 US, $7.99 Canada
Ships to:
Ships from: USA
Ships: Monthly
Currency: USD
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TeeBlox is all about providing our customers with the best graphic tees in today’s market. Over a 200 million t-shirt arts designed by artists. It’s time to show your lifestyle!

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What You Get: 1 new t-shirt every month. Choose from Gamer, Kawaii and Movies and TV!

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How do I talk to Customer Service?
Email cs@teeblox.com

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship worldwide to every country except Indonesia.

Can I exchange my shirt for a better one?
We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy, which means a generous 30-day exchange policy. Within the first 30 days of receiving your shirt, you can always exchange your shirt for another one. Email cs@teeblox.com.

When will my package be shipped out?
We ship out the first week of every month. You will recieve your tracking number for updates.

Why doesn’t my tracking number show anything?
Your package is probably still in the infant stage. Once it starts moving towards your mailbox, it will be updated accordingly! Enter your tracking number here to receive updates.

Can I change or cancel my subscription? Can I skip next month’s subscription?
Any time! You can change your subscription by clicking on My Account in the drop down menu under your name in the top right corner on any page. You even have the option to skip your next renewal. To cancel your subscription, simply email us at cs@teeblox.com.

When will I be billed?
On the 11t h of every month.
How much does shipping cost? What shipping service is used?
Free for domestic and $12.99 for international. The service we use is DHL Global Mail. The web tracker can be found here.

How are the shirts selected?
We take your preferences and category selections into consideration before we pick out an awesome shirt for you. We won’t be able to satisfy everything but we’ll do our best!
As always, we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy so you can exchange your shirt if you don’t like the design.

Are the shirts authentic?
Our TeeBlox shirts are all 100% official and licensed, guaranteed. Our CommunityBlox shirts are printed with 100% independent and original designs submitted by community artists. If you are an artist, talk to us about your designs by emailing paul@teeblox.com.

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