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$29 per month (starting from)
Adult Monthly Subscription full of novelties, toys, and lingerie.
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Ships: Monthly
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Box Details:

A once a month kit full of romantic adult novelties, toys, and lingerie from our pleasure pantry which is designed to keep your romantic life exciting, new, and fun!

Additonal Info:

Box Details: Offer Boxes for ALL Couples. (Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy and Bridal)

  • Plus size options offered
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Can I send the Pleasure Pack as a gift to someone?

Yes! You can easily send this as gift to someone else. All you need to do is enter a different shipping address when you enter checkout.  We think this is a great gift especially for bachelorette/bachelor, newlyweds, anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, and other special occasions or milestones.

When can I expect to see my first Pack once I order?

All orders are billed when your order is placed and billed once a month after that.  All Pleasure Packs are shipped once a month. Orders billed in the first half of the month will ship in the second half of the month. Orders billed in the last half of the month will ship at the beginning of the following month. Please expect this to run on schedule give or take a few days with the exception of holidays and sexcapades.

Can I skip a month or put this on hold?

Yes, if your’re going to be out of town or need to put things on hold for a while let us know.  We can arrange this for you.

Can I track my order?

Yes, when your order ships you will be able to track your order with the email confirmation and tracking information.

Is there a shipping charge?

Nope! Shipping is included in the price of your pack.

Do you accommodate allergies?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate allergies at this time. We suggest you read all product packaging before using anything you are unsure of or trying a test patch if you are not sure if you will have an allergic reaction.  If you are not sure of the product and think you may have an allergy please give the product to a friend to try or dispose of it. Although we’d love it if everyone had a Pleasure Pack we realize allergies can be serious and recommend not purchasing the Pleasure Pack if you are sensitive to allergies.

Do your products protect against STD’s or pregnancy?

No unfortunately we do warrant any of the products in your pleasure pack to protect against unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. We recommend always practicing safe sex.

How do I cancel?

We’d hate to see you go.. but it’s easy!  Send us an email at Don’t forget to tell us who your subscription is billed under (First name, Last name, and Email address.)  We’ll cancel the next subscription provided it hasn’t already shipped. If it has already shipped that will be the last one you receive.

Are there returns/exchanges? What do I do if I receive a product I don’t like?

Do to the nature of the products we cannot take returns or exchanges on any items, regardless of whether they are opened or unopened. If you receive a product you do not want or like we suggest giving it to someone else to try or just try it… You may be surprised and actually like it. Please also send us an email and let us know so we know what we are doing wrong and right. We will try and make it up to you next time and surprise you with something more suited to your taste!

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