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Shipping since: April 2019
$24.99 per month
Variety Fun Subscription Service delivers an assortment of your favorite chips, cookies, candy, crackers, pretzels, popcorn, & nuts all in one snack box!
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Ships from: USA
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Variety Fun is a NYC based snack subscription service offering over 500 snack brands, including classic and healthy varieties, delivered monthly or bi-weekly to your doorstep.

Use our snack boxes every month to pack school lunches, take on family picnics, to the beach, for road trips, movie nights, or just to have in the pantry for every day snacking!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each Variety Fun box includes a variety of 40 classic, name-brand snacks such as Lay’s, Cheez It, m&m Cookies, Sour Patch & More!

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What kinds of snacks come in each box?

Our Fun Box includes a variety of name-brand classic snacks such as Oreos, Doritos, Sour Patch & more. At Variety Fun we partnered with over 500 brands so you can explore all your favorites and more!

Are your products nut-free?

No, they are not. We cannot guarantee that our products are free from traces of nuts since we offer a large assortment in each box.

When will my subscription charge renew?

Monthly renewals are simple. You will be charged each month on the day you were initially charged. For example, if you subscribed on the 10th of April, you will then be charged on the 10th of each month moving forward.

Can I pause my subscription?

It’s super easy to just take a month or two off, and get started back up when you’re ready. Simply log into your account portal and select “View Details” under “Manage My Subscriptions” and then turn the “Auto-Renew Preferences” toggle off to pause your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling your subscription is easy and hassle-free! Simply login to your account portal and click” View Details” under “Manage My Subscriptions”. You will see the subscription product you’re currently receiving, subscription term, and shipping address. Below that, you will be able to cancel, pause, or just skip a month on your subscription. That’s it! By canceling your subscription, you will no longer be renewed/charged. Please note we will still ship you any pending orders.

Does Variety Fun charge for shipping?

Variety Fun offers free shipping throughout the Continental US. Additional shipping details can be found here.

Can I track my snack delivery?

As soon as your order is picked up by UPS/USPS, we automatically send you an email that contains your UPS/USPS tracking number each month. You can manage it all yourself, and you’ll be snacking in no time!

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