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VTMN Packs is Canada’s first vitamin subscription service providing personalized daily vitamin packs tailored to your body’s needs. In just a few clicks, your vitamins are delivered right to your door.
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VTMN Packs is a personalized vitamin and supplement subscription service that takes the trouble and guesswork out of staying healthy. We have created the easiest, most convenient way to stay on top of your daily routine.

We are the first of our kind made by Canadians, for Canadians and our goal is to help people build healthy habits by providing easy and convenient access to professional line supplements.

Build your own pack or take our free health assessment and get a personalized vitamin plan with recommendations that have been vetted by our amazing advisory board of pharmacists, nutritionist, naturopaths and dieticians.

Whether starting a supplement regimen is your first step on a wellness journey or the final touch on a “new you” project, we are here to support and encourage you. No two people’s diet, lifestyle or medications are alike, so why should their vitamin regimens be? Get started today!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each VTMN Packs order comes with enough packs to cover you for 30 days, so depending on how often you take your supplements (most of ours are taken twice a day), the total number of packs you get may be between 30 and 60.

Your month’s supply of daily dose packs come pre-loaded and coiled in one of our stylish and convenient dispenser boxes. Inside each box, you will find a personalized supplement chart that outlines all the important information you need to know about your packs and what’s inside. You can choose to get separate morning and evening dispenser boxes or have your morning and evening packs alternate within the same box.

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How many packs do I get?
Each order comes with enough packs to cover you for 30 days, so depending on how often you take your supplements (most of ours are taken twice a day), the total number of packs you get may be between 30 and 60.

Can I just get one month to try?
We are so sure that you’ll love the #VitaminsSimplified life, that all of our orders are set up as recurring subscriptions, filled every 30 days. But don’t worry, your subscription is completely flexible and you can cancel or change it at any time by logging into your account or emailing us at hello@vtmnpacks.ca.

Can I add things to my pack that weren’t recommended to me?
If there is something you would like to take that did not come up as part of your recommendation from the Health Assessment, you can always add it to your pack before checking out by clicking on the Products Page , and adding items directly to your cart from there. Just note that we cannot screen for any interactions or therapeutic duplication if you are adding products this way.

Where can I find information about your supplements?
Transparency is key, so you’ll always know exactly what’s in each and every supplement you are getting. We provide a detailed product breakdown of each item we carry on our Products Page where you can find the Supplement Facts, Ingredients, Recommended Use, Dosing and any Cautions or Warnings. You’ll also get a comprehensive listing of all our supplements with the same information on your first order.

How do your prices compare to the competition?
Even though we offer premium brands, you can expect to see competitive pricing on everything we carry. We work closely with our vendors to ensure we are getting the best price, and will pass those savings on to you. There are no extra charges for the convenience and simplicity of your personalized subscription.

Where do you ship?
We happily ship across Canada to addresses recognized by Canada Post. At the moment, we do not ship internationally.

Can I talk to a real person?
We’d love to chat! We are new-age and don’t have a customer service phone number, but are always connected at hello@vtmnpacks.ca. A real person will always return your email in a timely fashion. If you would prefer to communicate by phone, be sure to include your number in the email and we will give you a call back

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