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Your personal workout stylist! Delivering brand name activewear at up to 50% off retail prices.
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Box Details:

YogaClub is a women’s subscription service exclusively for designer yoga apparel. Each box delivers brand name athleisure styles at up to 50 percent off recommended retail prices every month or season. The company’s mission goes beyond empowering people to be active, they’re all about giving back.

Every box delivered provides yoga and meditation education for elementary school children in at-risk communities.

Additonal Info:

YogaClub delivers hand curated yoga and workout apparel from top brand names directly to your doorstep. After you take the style quiz, a YogaClub stylist will prepare a perfect outfit for you each month based on your preferences and the season.

Depending on the package you choose, you’ll receive one, two, or three activewear pieces curated specifically for your style, favorite workouts, and lifestyle!

Currently, we offer three packages:

  • The Mantra: 1 pair of leggings, usually of capri or full length depending on your preferences
  • The Karma: a 2-piece outfit, usually a legging and a top
  • The Guru: a 3-piece outfit, usually a legging and two tops

User Reviews

Average Rating: 4.99
  1. emcarson924

    YogaClub is one of the best investments I’ve made! The quality of the apparel is super nice, and my boxes have all reflected my style quizzes! Some of my favorite brands that I’ve discovered are Free People, Manduka, and The Free Yoga! Now that we’re going into winter, I’ve switched my preferences to include outerwear and I got the coziest sweater in the last box. The one box where a shirt didn’t fit quite right, customer service was so helpful and had a new item on it’s way to me within the same day!

  2. baileybee

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with my YogaClub subscription. I’m usually pretty plain Jane with my style but decided to let my hair down and selected all the interesting options. I have to say that I LOVE every single boxes. The outfits are beautiful and I get compliments ALL the time on them.

  3. meganraeoflight

    I absolutely love receiving my Yoga club box, it truely is like having your best friend pick out your outfit! I must say one of my favorite things is how easy it is to return something that doesn’t fit. You’re able to text them and talk to your designer and let them know what is wrong and choose from the options they send you as a replacement. You’re also able to give them more details about your style preferences and what you’re looking forward to most in your next box! Highly recommend this subscription box.

  4. emmmmy84

    So much love from Canada I have 2 boxes always always happy with my stylist and what’s sent to me;)

  5. alexc

    I love how easy it is to stay on track for smashing my goals! Nothing makes you feel better than getting an outfit that shows off all your hard work. It is my present for myself for sticking to my nutrition and exercise routine.

  6. ayypeaches

    I have been a YogaClub member since October, and I cannot stop raving about it to all of my friends and family. Normally when I go shopping, I seldom get what I truly like. Why!? Due to the cost, I end up talking myself out of it. Receiving the Guru box every month, allows me to get an affordable outfit. This outfit is not solely clothing though. It is motivation to join the YogaClub community of women in aspiring to be our best self. Each box also provides a class to elementary schools. You see these children immersing themselves in this meditation practice. YogaClub is truly a subscription box that I am thankful to be a part of!

  7. heatheryoga

    YogaClub has made a huge difference in my wardrobe. I wear nothing but yoga wear and tend to buy the same colors and styles over and over. Makes for a boring wardrobe. With YogaClub I have my own stylist that picks out entire outfits I wouldn’t have thought of, but love completely. It also makes my life easier because I’m disabled and don’t have to go into stores with my cane and service dog and try to shop. It all comes straight to my house with no fuss and no annoyance of having to go clothes shopping. On top of that I help a child get a yoga class and I like that.

  8. kyrandia

    I am in my second month of YogaClub box and am so impressed with how the stylist has nailed it. The boxes have also helped me become more active in my yoga practice since the clothes and so comfortable. Can’t wait for many pre boxes. I even had a delay with delivery and their customer service was great. Well done and a great investment.

  9. cmthomps98

    I LOVE my YogaClub Box! It’s been a great subscription box for me as a full time yoga instructor. I love getting the monthly surprise and opening my box to find great pieces curated specifically for me! I go in almost every month to change my preferences so my stylists know what I’m looking for each month and they never disappoint. And even if I get something I’m not crazy about I can exchange it and get something I love! It’s great that I am getting awesome pieces for 1/3 of their cost. It’s an awesome experience and knowing that every box = 1 yoga class for a child in need makes opening my box even more fun!

  10. adriennealiciafit2018

    I love the YogaClub,
    Everything about their movement I just absolutely admire. They have 3 different options, you get your very own stylist, top brand clothes that get delivered to your doorstep every month and by far best online clothing customer service I’ve EVER dealt with. They’re all about inspiring and motivating women all around to be active which is awesome. Also, every box that gets delivered to your door provides a day of yoga and meditation education to a young child in need. I love that about them! You become part of this empowering and uplifting community that just makes you want to do better and your all passionate about what you do. Everyone who I have spoken with is extremely nice. I’ve yet to receive a cloth set that I have not liked. Definitely excited to be getting my next box 🙂

  11. colleenyogini

    the stylists do a great job of picking pieces based off your quiz. i’ve been a member for six months and i haven’t gotten a single item i didn’t love!

  12. byax

    Yoga club has amazing yoga clothing! I have been happy with every single box I have got yet! You can always change your preference of clothing each time as well. You can not go wrong with the choice of yogabox! Simply go to to start your subscription!

  13. jacqdani

    Super fun subscription box. Always look forward to receiving it. You can exchange items you don’t like, and the customer service is fantastic (very helpful).

  14. jayrae76

    Hello, I am new to Yoga Club, but I have just received my first box and I am loving the products. The tights are amazingly comfortable and super flattering. The sports bra is different and I wasn’t sure at first but since wearing it I now love it! I am so excited to receive my second box.

  15. sarahmatchen

    I have been getting YogaClub boxes for a few months now, and have not been disappointed! All of the pieces have been of great quality and fit. My favorite brand so far would probably be Threads 4 Thought. I’ve received two of their tops (a tank and a sweatshirt) and they are both beautiful colors and made with the softest material!! It was very simple to sign up too – start by taking the style quiz on their website and you’re on your way to getting some awesome yoga-wear!

  16. mbes2007

    I’ve gotten several boxes from YogaClub and have been very satisfied! I recorded a pullover jacket that didn’t fit me right and the exchange process was so easy! All I did was send an email and a representative helped find me some options to find what I love! They shipped it to me super fast wh a return box for my exchange. Super easy, super friendly staff! All clothing is great quality and super on trend! I look forward to my box every month!

  17. pickle803

    I am in love with this box! I am so excited to get it every month! I highly recommend!!

  18. donnerd

    Yoga Club is a great value for the price. I have a subscription for the Karma Package and I practice hot yoga. So far, I’ve received Niyama Sol, Onzie, Free People, Nux, and Sadhana brands. Their customer service is the absolute best. If you’re not thrilled with your items, exchanging them is painless. Each Yoga Club box keeps getting better and better!

  19. cortneycao

    I look forward to my yoga club outfit every month! It is the most excited thing coming home to that little pink box at my front door! Love yoga club!!

  20. lkcooke

    LOVE my YogaClub monthly box! I get The Mantra and the pieces are amazing…hard not to wear every day all day!

  21. aahenslee

    I love my yogaclub box. First off, the process is so easy and the style seemed to curated to my requests. The clothes I got here very nice brands and high quality. What I paid for the entire box wouldn’t even get me a pair of pants usually. I am looking forward to my new shipment. I have already worn the clothes for a photo shoot and to teach my yoga class that afternoon. The outfit was unique and I loved it.

  22. spanishyogagirl

    Yoga club is a inspiring workout stylist that works in a very friendly way and they always do great!!!

  23. laurenzoeller

    I am in LOVE with my YogaClub box and I am so excited to say that it is one of my favorite new MUST HAVE’S. If you are anything like me, quality yoga clothes OFTEN are a MUST. I found YogaClub Box when I was searching for inexpensive options for quality yoga clothes on a frequent basis. This adorable little subscription box is stylized to meet your preferences and comes to you once a month. The best part? They give you name brand clothes for 60% LESS than full retail value. I mean, The sweatshirt they gave me was FREE PEOPLE?! It doesn’t get any better than that.
    Also, it warms my heart to know that The YogaClub Box has a give back program. For every box purchased, they give a yoga class to a child in need. It’s worth it, and it’s definitely my new favorite thing. I’m a big YES to this monthly gem. Definitely worth the purchase ❤️

  24. slenacable

    I have been receiving the yogaclub box subscription since October last year and have absolutely fallen in love with it! I get the guru box, which is the 3 piece box. They have top brands inside each box and so far my absolute favorite piece is a jacket from threads for thought! It is overwhelmingly soft and comfortable! Thank you YogaClub!

  25. jennied

    Yoga club is beyond amazing everything in my box I loved from the colours picked to the way the outfit fit and the beautiful pink box it showed up in i will be a long time subscriber


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