Emma & Chloe Coupon Code January 2017

Emma & Chloe Coupon Code January 2017

Emma & Chloé is the only company bringing the creations of independent, up-and-coming jewelry designers from France to the US. Each month, you’ll receive a new piece of jewelry with a retail value of $50–$200 according to your preferred color options (gold, silver or surprise) and earring style when applicable (post or clip-on), as well as a certificate of authenticity, an Emma & Chloé protective travel pouch and our monthly lifestyle magazine, La Gazette. Since 2013, Emma & Chloe has been revolutionizing the world of French accessories by offering a wide, quality choice of jewelry. Now you can get the same gorgeous and unique French designed jewelry pieces delivered right to you each month.

Coupon Code: Subscribe by January 31st and receive an additional FREE piece of jewelry of your choice. Enter JANUARY17 at checkout. – CLICK HERE

January Fun Fact: Their January box is now previewed on their site!

Thoughts: I just checked out the January Box and it is so fun! For me when it comes to jewelry, the bigger the better, especially with rings and bracelets, and January really has some great statement pieces.





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