Basic MAN Review December 2018

Dear Men, your underwear, undershirts and socks have a life span and now, thanks to Basic MAN, it’s easy to know when they expire and it’s easy to replace them.

The t-shirts and underwear in your monthly subscription both come printed with ‘destroy by’ dates so you know when the piece needs to be retired.

Each month, Basic MAN will deliver to your door a new t-shirt, a pair of boxer-briefs and socks.

And the best part, they’ll keep track of the colors and styles so the same don’t show up each month.

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Here’s a look inside my December Basic MAN monthly subscription:


Basic MAN touts their shirts as “a hybrid between undershirts and your everyday tee.”

The blended cotton fabric is slightly thicker then a traditional under tee and is comfortably soft. And because it’s been pre-washed, shrinking will be kept to a minimum.

Boxer Briefs

Basic MAN boxer briefs looks are deceiving. What looks like an average boxer is actually far from it.

Made with 95% Modal, these boxers are extremely silky and insanely soft.

The fabric choice is also 50% more absorbent than cotton, not to mention breathable and odor resistant, making them a workout staple.


There will no longer be excuses when it comes to having holes in your socks. Basic MAN’s socks are made for everyday wear and tear.

For comfort, there are no toe seams and the blend of cotton and bamboo keep them feeling extra soft.

This month’s striped socks will be perfectly paired with denim.

For half the price of a designer pair of underwear, Basic MAN will send you 3 high quality pieces that’ll help keep your ‘basics’ fresh.

My only hope is designs on the boxers in the future.

Ryan Massel –




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