Bath & Spa Gift Box Review May 2019

Bath & Spa Gift Box has become my favorite non planner subscription box. When I became a mom of 3 under 5 I became extremely busy and often times forgot to take care of myself and find a moment to recharge. I had to stop crafting and planning or did it less, and put self-care to the top of my list after all the kiddos and husband are taken care of. It seems like I’d never get to the items of that list but this box has made it so much easier.

From the moment I take the box out of the mailer I can smell the amazing scents from this box and it already fills me with joy.

The theme for the May Bath & Spa Gift Box is Butterflies and Lace, perfect for spring and perfect for Mother’s Day! This is a gift to myself but I am definitely considering getting 2 more for my mom and mother in law. The packaging was also gorgeous!

We always get a product card, a thank you card and a sneak peek of the following month. Since I got this box earlier to show you, there’s no sneak peek yet but I will keep you posted. This month the scents are Japanese Cherry Blossom and lavender and the goodies feature shea, mango and cocoa butter.

Here’s what we see inside.

Shower Pouf

On top we found a shower pouf! It’s pink and white and it’s something I’ve been wanting but hadn’t had the time to get!

Body Butter

Next we received a nourishing and repairing body butter containing shea butter and sunflower oil. Lush and silky, this body butter is replenishing and moisturizing.

Bath Salts

Next, I pulled out this cute packaging and discovered it is bath salts! The packaging is beyond adorable and you can even gift it separately if you wanted. It has two little roses on the side, the salts are pink and are Japanese cherry blossom scented.

Bath Bombs

One of the most anticipated items from this box for me are the bath bombs and I am so happy we got two this month! The first one is lavender scented. The second bath bomb was Japanese blossom scented and wrapped in dainty lavender colored foil.


Continuing with the streak of incredibly beautiful soaps Deb has been making, we have a 3 butter soap with pink lace which is also soap! It smells divine and features shea, cocoa and mango butters. So hard to use up but so luscious!


Candles are a staple in Bath & Spa Gift Box and they never disappoint. They always match the theme, have a stunning jar or packaging and smell amazing, This time we got white jasmine and mint scented candle from the Rose Collection inside a white glass jar that can go in any room.

Bath Oils

One fun surprise that I haven’t seen featured in Bath & Spa Gift Box yet came in this cute gift bag and inside another cute fabric baggie.

These were oil bath beads! You let them melt in warm water and they’ll dissolve and release the aromatic oils.

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath is always welcome! I can be very stingy when it comes to this and getting it in the box makes me feel like I can make more bubbles in my bath, as silly as that sounds! And Bath & Spa Gift Box makes the silkiest fluffiest bubble baths! Japanese Cherry Blossom is the scent.

Chocolates! Yay! Nuff said.

How dazzling is this month’s Bath & Spa Gift Box! It’s not only appealing but high quality, good for you and delightful! Perfect present for the mom in your life or yourself! Gives you everything you need (except the book and the wine) for a spa night at home! Not one, but several because you are worth it!








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