Earthlove Review Spring 2021

Earthlove is an eco-friendly lifestyle subscription box full of clean and safe food, beauty, wellness, and home products that aims to make living sustainably and healing the planet easier. They kindly seNt us this box for review.

Earthlove sources products that are ethically and environmentally responsible, including zero waste packaging, natural ingredients, organic and non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, beegan/vegan, and fair-trade. Earthlove also supports artisans, makers, and small businesses in the US & Canada as well as companies making a difference around the world.

Each seasonal Earthlove box is packed with 6-8 full-sized sustainable + eco-friendly products by the world’s best eco-conscious makers. Boxes may include one book, apothecary & botanical wellness, tea & healthy snacks, beauty & skincare, plastic-free swaps and other earth-friendly items along with a magazine with tips and ideas to live more mindfully with the earth.

Their packaging is mindful and sustainable too! The boxes, stickers, and packaging materials are 100% post-consumer, biodegradable, and created with environmentally-friendly algae-based inks—the most non-harmful inks available.

Also, every box supports a cause! Every season they partner with environmental non-profits who protect, restore, conserve the natural world and protect our ecosystems.

Subscription Details

The cost of the box is $59.99 per quarter for quarterly or annual subscriptions. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.95 ($20USD to Canada, $35USD for international) or free US shipping with all annual subscriptions. New boxes are shipped on the 15th of each month at the beginning of the quarter (March, June, September & December). and will arrive to subscribers within 10 business days after shipping.

Spring Box Details

“From the Founder “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” -John Muir The past year has been such an important time of reflection as well as re-imagining a new normal, putting things that are most important to us into clear focus. As we head further into 2021, we can not only start to return to some of our old routines, but also bring forward new habits we’ve learned (or take it as an opportunity to discard things that are no longer serving us). Humans have always been masters at adaptation. We are life-long learners with insatiable curiosity. I hope your ‘new normal’ is filled with the people, issues, and things that matter most to you. The Spring box curation is a mix of items to usher in 2021, from supporting wild pollinators and getting a little more active outside to getting some spring cleaning done with eco-friendly cleaning products. The Earthlove community also voted to help save sea turtle eggs at the Pacuare Reserve in Costa Rica this season as well as focus on gardening for health and wellness for the seasonal challenge. We hope to collectively keep spreading positivity for a brighter future and could not ask for a better community in which to enact this change. Onward, together!”

Here’s a look at what’s in this quarter’s Earthlove box ($220+ total value):

Box Insert

Each quarterly Earthlove box includes a little magazine that includes the product information and value along with tips, DIY, inspiration, and stories to help you live more mindfully with the Earth. It’s really nicely designed and it’s even eco-friendly as it’s printed on FSC-certified paper using waterless printing technology. This quarter the magazine includes exclusive member deals on the brands included, information on the featured cause which is saving baby sea turtles, the seasonal challenge which is gardening for health and wellness, tips on growing health plants no matter where you live, an article on how Only Salt harvests their sea salt, info on how Tru Earth helps eliminate plastic laundry jugs, ideas from Impact Snacks on how to incorporate more superfoods in your day, an article from BATCH answering the question, What is CBD? And How Much CBD Should I Take?, and lastly a lovely spring meditation. I always love these magazines and the additional reading material they provide!

Book of the Season: Ends of The Ocean ($27.99)

“Each season Earthlove boxes include one of three books.”

A new feature Earthlove has implemented is that members will get their choice of book with their subscription. There were 3 books to choose from this time and I got “Ends of The Ocean” which is a novel that “…explores the threat of a worldwide drought, told through the eyes of a father, a daughter, and a woman who will risk her life to save the future.” The synopsis sounds interesting, if not a bit worrisome too since climate change is something we are in the midst of living through ourselves right now. It will be interesting to see how the author imagines it plays out and how they fictionally try to save us from despair through this story that leaps between the present and the future. I’ve been wanting a new non-fiction book to dive into and this one sounds like an interesting and exciting read!

BATCH Dream CBD Tincture ($75)

“Handmade in small batches in Wisconsin, this all-natural, organic full-spectrum formulation is designed for you to fully recharge and easily drift off to sleep. The tincture is third-party tested and includes the ingredients Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Raw Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts), Organic Black Seed Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Dream Terpene Blend. Follow the instructions (printed on page 17 in this mag or the back of the package). Start with less than the recommended dose if you are sensitive or new to CBD products and ask your doctor first if you are taking any medications.”

I’m so excited about this item! I think this was a community pick item and I’m so glad this one won the vote. I have been working so hard to try and get better sleep and I’ve tried so many things, but not something like this so it’s perfect! I appreciate so much that it’s formulates specifically for sleep and that it’s made with organic hemp and other ingredients. As a side note, I love the design of the product too – it makes me even more excited to try it. I’ll be testing this one out right away. Fingers crossed it brings me peaceful slumber!

Impact Snacks Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar ($3)

“Vegan, gluten-free, zero waste, and carbon negative, this little bar is on a mission to create healthier, more impactful on-the-go snacks. It has a delicious bittersweet chocolate interior and a rich chocolate coating balanced by sweet, aromatic notes of vanilla. There’s also a bounty of superfoods like maca and kale and nootropic brain boosters like lion’s mane! The wrapper is home compostable and each bar reclaims 250% carbon.”

Yumm-o! Anything that says brownie in the title gets my attention and makes me want to try it right away. This bar is great because it sounds like it gives the taste of a brownie, but includes superfoods for added nutrition making it a balanced snack or treat choice. How cool that the wrapper is home compostable too!

Spirit Wild Farm Organic Multi-pocket Farmer’s Market Tote ($48)

“Designed by a small farmer tired of seeing people struggling with tote bags at her local farmer’s market, she decided to design her own! This 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton “Love the Earth” tote has four deep pockets on the outside as well as a smaller one on the inside. The outer pockets can hold anything from large bottles to zucchini (and anything in between!). The large roomy interior has a flat bottom and the bag comes with a detachable crossbody strap to keep your hands free (and without constantly needing to readjust as with most totes). The colour is a natural cotton with a twotone grey bottom and straps dyed with ecofriendly plant dyes. Great for farmer’s markets or use as a utility tote for gardening or wild foraging in the woods!”

This tote is amazing! It’s perfect for bringing along to the farmer’s market with all it’s pockets and the shoulder strap too. I like that it has that along with tote bag handles so you have the option to carry it whichever way works best. I love that it’s made with organic cotton and has a little “Love the Earth” print on it- a subtle a sweet touch. I’m so glad farmer’s market season has started so I can take this to bring home all my goodies in!

The Farmer’s Touch Organic All-Natural Foot Cream + Refill ($13)

“For a little tootsie TLC after a long day on your feet (or simply for some nourishing self care!), Bethann’s bestselling handmade organic foot cream helps revive tired, achy feet. Bethann grows the ingredients on her farm in New York and even makes the cocoa butter from scratch. Gently massage into your feet after a shower or right before bed. A little goes a long way!”

I love Farmer’s Touch products and this foot cream sounds so refreshing. There can’t be much better than a cooling and soothing foot rub at the end of a long day so this has got to be good. It smells crisp and peppermint-y and is really refreshing to the senses. I appreciate that it’s made with organic ingredients and is packaged in a plastic-free tin that comes with a little refill pouch for when you run out.

Cleancult Natural Hand Soap Bar ($5)

“The smooth blend of essential oils in each bar gently cleanses your skin and washes away impurities, so it feels soft and serene – like it just spent a day (or five) at the spa. Velvety and sudsy, it’s safe for all skin types and can be used on your hands, body, and face. As if all that weren’t enough, it’s also packaged in recyclable materials – so you can feel good about this from head to toe. Scents will vary.”

I love collecting and trying out new bar soaps and this is one I haven’t tried yet. The scent I received is lemongrass and it smells amazing, bright, fresh, and light. It would be perfect as a hand soap bar in the kitchen. I like the idea of using it that way to replace liquid soaps and plastic bottles.

Only Salt Plastic-Free Spring Salt + Chef’s Pinch Bowl Starter Kit ($30)

“Did you know that 90% of sea salt is sourced from polluted seawater and contains a nasty cocktail of microplastics and other chemicals? Only Salt is on a mission to introduce spring salt that is hand-harvested from a pristine spring 10,000ft in the Andes Mountains by the local Peruvian community – far from human pollution. microplastic-free and toxin-free. Each starter kit also comes with an ethicallysourced handmade salt pinch bowl made from sustainable wood as well as a $12 credit at the Only Salt online shop for a refill!”

This is so cool! I don’t have anything like the pinch bowl and I’ve also just only recently learned about the micro-plastics in sea salt so I had yet to find a replacement to my current salt in use. The pinch bowl is so stylish and made with beautiful wood. I’ll feel like some sort of chef using it! I’m also really excited about trying this salt and about purchasing it going forward knowing how sustainably it’s sourced. This will find a permanent spot on my kitchen counter!

Tru Earth All-Natural Laundry Strips – Fragrance-Free ($20)

“Each Tru Earth eco-strip packs ultraconcentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of detergent that you just toss in the wash! Packaged in zero-waste compostable kraft, the strips work with all machines, including HE, and help keep 700,000,000 plastic jugs out of landfills each year! It’s also vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free.”

Another awesome product that I have yet to try. I love the concept of these laundry strips being completely plastic-free and how they just dissolve into the water leaving no waste behind. I’m so curious about their cleaning power as that’s important to me with a toddler, but I can’t wait to test it out. These would be awesome for traveling as they hardly take up any space at all.

American Meadows Pollinator Seeds ($3)

“”To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn. This packet of seeds includes non-invasive, non-GMO wildflowers like cosmos, coneflowers, bee balm, and more to help attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees. Each packet contains enough seeds to cover 10 square feet. Scatter in a garden patch or in large pots on a balcony or sunny window to enjoy beautiful wildflowers.”

I am dying to start a little wildflower patch when we get into our new home so this is perfect. There’s something about wildflowers that’s so beautiful and calming. What’s fun with a seed packet like this is that you don’t exactly know what’s going to pop up so the element of surprise is so fun too.

Earthlove Review Spring 2021 – Final Thoughts

What a delightful box this spring Earthlove box is! I mean, I had no doubts it was going to be another amazing selection just as it always is, but this one was full of unexpected surprises and fun items. Since I didn’t participate in the community vote this time (totally forgot to!) I had no idea what would show up (except the book since I picked that) and I didn’t do any sneak peeks ahead of time so it was a really fun un-boxing experience that had me excited with every new item pulled out. I am definitely most excited to test out the BATCH CBD, but that’s because I’m desperate to get better sleep haha, really everything else is a close second. This season’s selection feels springy and fresh and ready for the warm summer months ahead. I cannot wait to try out the body products, read a new book, clean up my cleaning routines, cook some new recipes and of course get some more zzz’s. Love that this box can help me do all of the above while doing it consciously and with an eco-friendly mind, especially right in time for Earth Day!

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Earthlove is a seasonal subscription box filled with eco-conscious goods for leading a holistic, more earth-centered life.

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