mintMONGOOSE Review May 2019

I never thought I’d like a jewelry subscription to be honest. But after having 3 kids and putting shopping for myself on the back burner I’ve come to appreciate and love anything that comes to my door, especially when it’s things I wouldn’t have time to buy for myself, like bling.

mintMONGOOSE is a jewelry subscription box that delivers 3 pieces of unique jewelry to your door. You can choose from gold, silver or rose gold, ring or no ring and watches or no watches. I started with rose gold but switched to silver recently so that I can match the rest of my sparse pieces I own.

May’s mintMONGOOSE spoiler was a beautiful necklace with 5 tear shaped pendants and an irregular metal texture. I liked it right off the bat and was wondering what would the other two pieces be?

As soon as I opened the cute little mintMONGOOSE package I saw a gorgeous silver think ring in the same metal texture as the necklace. I love receiving rings and mintMONGOOSE ones are always so unique! They’re also adjustable!

Next I opened the two little plastic bags and found a matching set of earrings, each with a tear drop pendant.

Lastly, I unwrapped the necklace and was blown away, so stunning. This is a set that can be worn with dressy outfits like a little back dress, a suit, a cocktail dress, or dressed down with jeans and a blouse or white tee! I absolutely love this month’s mintMONGOOSE set!

What do you think? Here’s a few photos of me wearing them.

I’ll have a video unboxing on my channel soon, so stay tuned!




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