Postmark’d Studio Review October 2019

Postmark’d Studio is the heart-filled snail mail subscription box you’ve been needing in your life. With this premium stationary subscription you’ll receive a selection of beautifully handcrafted limited-edition greeting cards, vintage postage, and an artsy doodad based on a fun theme. Never find yourself without the perfect greeting card, they’ve got you covered! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

There are four different options to choose from when you sign up for your Postmark’d Studio subscription.

  • PostBox: 1 Month – $25.00
  • Post Box: 3 Month – $67.50
  • PostBox: 6 Month – $127.50
  • PostBox: 12 Month – $240.00

Subscribe for yourself or gift to a loved one!

Here’s a closer look at the Octo-“BEAR” PostBox…

Theme – Octo-“Bear”

“Fall is in the air. The thought of crisp fall days has me thinking about rich autumnal colors, flannel (shirts of pajamas), and a cute woodland creature, the bear (I just couldn’t pass up the pun)! Fall makes me want to create beautiful crafted envelope art and I think we’ve delivered lots of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing…”

Happy Birthday

“Treat a loved one with a special card for their birthday! Who wouldn’t smile when they open this card with this whimsical bear catching salmon frosted cupcakes?”

This card could not have come at a better time! My husband’s birthday is at the end of this month, and I hadn’t found the perfect card to wish him happy birthday. I’m ready to roll out all of my bear puns and let him know I love him bear-y much!

Thank You

“Send a big thank you bear hug with this adorable card. We decided to take it up a notch and lined the envelope with buffalo plaid paper.”

I’m really digging the cute plaid envelope. It puts me in the Fall mood for sure! I can’t get over how cute this card is! You know how they tell you to look out for bears while camping? It looks like a bear just ransacked an unsuspecting camper’s tent and stole their gear!

Sunflower Bear

“This card is perfect for just about anything. We think this slightly oversized card is perfect for a newsy fall letter to someone special.”

This looks like the perfect “get well soon” card to me! How sweet is this bear holding a bouquet of sunflowers!? Does it get more sincere than that? This design is precious.

Bear Shadow Puppet

“Sometimes “just because” cards are the best! The combination of letterpress and watercolor are just magnificent.”

Huge props to the designer of this card! This shadow puppet card is so creative. I love how the bear’s shadow looks like a sky full of stars. Cards like this have so much potential because you can say whatever you want with them. I’ll be sending this one back home soon!

Smokey Bear Postcard

“Smokey and the Postal service on one card?! What could be better?”

Can you think of a better bear to deliver an important message? I remember this bear popping up on my television screen often throughout my childhood. His message stuck with me. The details on this postcard are so beautiful!

Artsy Doodad

“There are so many fun things to do in the fall, that this Beary important note pad is a perfect accessory. It comes with a magnet that you can attach to the back if you want to keep it handy on the fridge for jotting down a note!”

I’m loving this month’s artsy doodad. Subscribers received this handy little notepad with an attachable magnet. You can never be too organized. It’s perfect!

Vintage Postage

“An autumnal coloring of US vintage postage to mail 4 letters.”

I noticed the Fall colored theme when I opened up these fun stamps, but I had no idea it was planned. The vintage stamps are the highlight of each box for me. It’s so fun to see which stamps are new for me!

Postmark’d Studio Review October 2019 – Final Thoughts

I wasn’t pre-beared for such an amazing October box, but Postmark’d Studio knocked it out of the park! This Fall inspired box was perfectly executed. Subscribers also received a Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond chocolate bar this month. It’s pretty ironic considering bears + snacks don’t make a great combo, but I’m thrilled about this extra surprise!

Kierra Pierre – Miss Reviews A Lot




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