SoulCraft Review November 2021

SoulCraft is a creative wellness brand; SoulCraft can be defined as an activity that is nourishing to the soul. SoulCraft can also be described as ‘therapy in a box’ – they specialize in Art & Craft to soothe your soul. It is a perfect subscription box to assist anyone to take some much-needed ‘YOU’ time that we all deserve. If you have a crafty inclination and need an excuse to carve out some ‘you’ time, this subscription service is for you! Each SoulCraft project is designed around a different art or craft medium and they hand-select premium materials for you to use to create each month’s project.

What You Get: Each SoulCraft box contains premium materials and a detailed guide, as well as a little extra special something, (an exclusive gift) sent only to their subscribers.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for SoulCraft, you’ll have three different options:

  • SoulCraft Monthly Auto-Renew Subscription – $32.74/month
  • SoulCraft Quarterly Subscription – $92.92/month
  • SoulCraft Six-Month Subscription – $175.22/month

Shipping: Boxes ship from Ontario, Canada on the 25th of each month. They ship to Canada, the US, and the UK, and shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

*They kindly sent us this SoulCraft Box for review*

“As 2021 draws to a close and with it our 7th month of the SoulCraft project boxes, I am so excited to send you this, our special holiday box! This box is a bit special! With two gorgeous crafts; our winter wreath and Christmassy tiny tree stockings, I really hope you can enjoy some creative ‘you’ time in the run-up to the holidays and I hope you really enjoy the gifts I included for you.”

Emmie wrote her subscribers a sweet letter to let us know that she would be spending her winter in the UK to visit her family. With the letter, she included the most beautiful macrame tree. I am excited to see what crafting inspiration the UK brings Emmie!

Let’s take a closer look at the items I received in this month’s Winter Wreath Project box:

Product Card

“Thank you so much for subscribing to the SoulCraft project box! I really hope you have as much fun making this project as I did creating it for you.”

I appreciate that SoulCraft identifies that they will send you a link via email to a Project Guide (to save the trees!) and another email that will link to a guided meditation.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

“Our recipe for the month is for this festive peppermint hot chocolate!”

Each month SoulCraft sends subscribers their recipe of the month. I will definitely give this peppermint festive hot chocolate a try as it seems easy enough and delicious! A perfect accompaniment for this cold winter weather and holiday season. I adore peppermint and hot chocolate!

Winter Wreath Project Guide

“Welcome to the Winter Wreath project guide! I hope you can enjoy some creative ‘chill’ time whilst exploring the wonderful world of wreath-making! This PDF forms part of our Winter Wreath project guide. The video parts of the guide can be reached by following the links. Links to our video part of this project guide are contained in this PDF and you will also find them in your email.”

This month’s project is for the Winter Wreath Project. Subscribers will receive an email with a password to access a PDF Project Guide. The Winter Wreath Guide was sent to my email with a special password and it was very easy to access. Within the guide are pictures and various embedded links that will take you to the process videos.

I was excited to see a wreath project as I may or may not have a slight addiction when it comes to creating wreaths to suit various occasions.

Self Love Guided Mindful Meditation

“Welcome to our ‘self love’ guided mindful meditation.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and enjoy our guided meditation experience.

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present, aware of where we are, engaged in what we are doing, and not becoming distracted, reactive, or overwhelmed by things going on around us.

Our guided meditations are all secular and use evidence-based methodology for teaching mindfulness and enhancing awareness of experience.

Recorded @ SoulCraft HQ in Ontario, Canada.”

This guided calming meditation will help you to relax and unwind; such a neat feature of this box. SoulCraft will send you an email with a password-protected guided meditation. This mindful meditation has been on repeat lately and it has helped ease my anxiousness and has encouraged me to enhance my awareness. So lovely and useful.

Let’s take a closer look at the items for the Winter Wreath Project…

Rattan Wreath

A Selection of Natural Grasses

“The natural grasses in this project are a gorgeous alternative to the traditional winter / Christmas wreath of Evergreen foliage giving this piece a contemporary edge.
I’ve demonstrated a couple of ways of arranging your wreath but feel free to create something just as unique and special as you are!”

I am slightly obsessed with these beautiful grasses. They remind me of pampas and are so beautiful, soft and incredibly stunning in person.


Wires and Twine

Tiny Tree Stockings (A little something extra)

“These adorable tiny stockings are the perfect addition to your Christmas decor, or they make such beautiful tiny gifts for someone special.”

Emmie was kind enough to gift the pre-cut material, cotton thread, trim and embellishments for these sweet tiny tree stockings as a little something extra given to subscribers this month to make and fill with chocolate and candy! They absolutely remind me of similar ones I made out of felt and yarn as a child. So darn cute!

This Month’s Special Something – Marks & Spencer Christmas Holiday Goodies

“To complement our winter wreath project we’ve included some Christmas holiday goodies from Marks & Spencer just for you! These yummy chocolate coins and truffles are a firm favourite in our Christmas stockings and I hope you’ll enjoy them! They also fit perfectly into the tiny tree stockings for gifting!”


“No afternoon of Christmas crafting is complete without a lovely cup of tea and I’ve included two of my favourite holiday brews and a calming chamomile, perfect for keeping the winter chill away!”

I enjoy a cup of tea when I need to unwind and am excited to try them!

SoulCraft Review November 2021 – Final Thoughts

The SoulCraft Winter Wreath Project box included a guide, meditation, and the materials necessary to complete the Winter Wreath project, plus bonus teas, holiday sweets and an additional festive craft! SoulCraft will have you crafting up a storm in no time! This is going to be such a fun project to tackle as I love a good wreath. I cannot say enough great things about this subscription! I know this box is worth every penny and I am so impressed each month. This SoulCraft Subscription is a perfect gift for yourself or anyone else who has wanted to get creative or carve out a special time to relax and take a moment for themselves.

Hayley Savanna –




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