5 Reasons Subscription Boxes Make the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be quite different for many families this year. While practicing social distancing most of us won’t be able to see Mom in person so why not send her some love in the mail?

Whether you live in the same town as your mom, or if you live across the country, a subscription box is a great way to let her know that you are thinking of her. 

Here are five reasons why Subscription Boxes make the Perfect gift for Mother’s Day…..

Mom Gets a Monthly Surprise

Being a Mom can be a repetitive job! By giving her a subscription box, you are giving her a regular surprise in the mail, and something to look forward to every month.

There is Something for Every Mom

With so many subscription boxes available, there is something for every mother-figure! Whether she’s a Lady Boss, a new Mom, an expecting Mom, or a workout queen. Whether she likes to read, spend time in the kitchen, or enjoys a nice hot bath….. you can find a great fit for any personality.

A Constant Reminder of Your Love

Because subscription boxes are recurring gifts, your Mom will always be reminded of how much you love her! Whether you choose to send her something monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, subscription boxes are a great way to stay in touch with Mom.

Unique Presents for Mom

Let’s face it – moms are experts at knowing what is out there. Luckily, many subscription box products are unique and/or exclusive. They can offer one-of-a-kind merchandise that Mom may not be able to find in stores. Introduce your Mom to new products with a subscription! You never know…..she just might find a new favourite product she never knew she needed!

A Deal to be Had

Moms love a deal, and most subscription boxes offer great value. The items included in subscription boxes are often worth more than the actual cost of the box as curators receive items in bulk and then pass on their savings to the subscriber.

Would your Mom love a monthly gift in the mail? If so…..here are some of our favorite subscription boxes for Mother’s Day……



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