6 Reasons We Love Frank And Oak Style Plan


Frank And Oak Style Plan is one our favourite fashion subscription boxes and we want to share with you 6 reasons why their customers love it as much as we do……

  1. Skip the Mall – With Style Plan, you can get exactly what you want from the comfort of your own home.
  2. They Send You the Best Styles – Some subscription boxes send you the leftovers. Style Plan sends you only the newest and greatest men & women’s styles.
  3. Quality Clothing  – They have invested in quality and sustainability with only certified ethical suppliers and factories, including eco-friendly fabrics and processes (without raising prices).
  4. Exclusive Member Pricing– Style Plan subscribers save up to 20% off the retail price of every order with free shipping and returns.
  5. They Are Getting Rave Reviews – Style Plan has had loads of positive reviews by the likes of Buzzfeed, InStyle, AskMen and Forbes. Check our latest March review HERE.
  6. You’re in Total Control – Their personal stylists do the work and help you make the decisions – but you’ll never be shipped anything you don’t like. Preview your box, skip the month or cancel anytime.

We have been reviewing Frank And Oak Style Plan for almost a year and have never been disappointed. We love the quality of the clothes and the new styles they release each month.

But………Don’t just take our word for it, test it out for yourself! – SUBSCRIBE NOW!





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