Behind The Scenes: Panty by Post

Behind The Scenes With  Panty by Post

We recently had a great conversation with Panty by Post and wanted to share with with you the details of who they are and how they came to be!

1. Who is the face behind Panty by Post? – Natalie Grunberg, our CEO, is the face of PBP. She puts her heart and soul into the company.

2. Why did you start Panty by Post? – PBP was inspired by my love of all things France and my desire to share “Frenchness” around the world. I have been infatuated with France since I was in grade 9. It made sense to create a business based on French style and their special take on how to live life to the fullest. It’s about self love, starting from the inside out.

3. When did you start Panty by Post? – PBP started the summer of 2009 in Paris! It was the result of many rich conversations about how the French choose to live. Of course it’s not just the French but they seem to have captured what I value most: food, family, fun and fashion;)

4. What panties do you wear and why?  – I have a collection, but of course I do. I have simple yet little special touches for my 9-5, lacy fancy panties for my 5-9 pm (Premium), basics for my weekend days, blacks for my special time (wink), thongs of all kinds for yoga pants and loose tap pants for lounging.

5. What makes PBP different? – We have created our own exclusive line of panties, our Signature Line, ones you can’t buy in stores. Plus, our panties are a gift for yourself or for someone  special. They come wrapped in tissue, with a handwritten note and in a red box! It’s a monthly gift of self love and a little bit of Christmas every month! Our customers love that we make panty shopping convenient and we curate an  awesome collection, hard to recreate without scouring the globe to do it.

6. What’s something people should know about PBP? – We are a Canadian business with a female CEO and we support other companies who employ single moms. We make ethical choices based  on our values, we walk the talk. Our company is all about quality and integrity.

7. What panty advice do you have for us women? – Make sure you are always refreshing your collection. There’s no need to have old granny panties and it’s amazing what the simple things can do to transform your outlook.

8.  Any panty tips and tricks? –  Always travel with double the panties you think you’ll need. Keep a panty in your purse and buy lots of hipsters!

9. Why Panties? –  Everyone can have nice panties and should have them! It’s one of those little bits of luxury accessible to all! It’s also a little romantic taste of Paris in a box delivered to your door.

10. What is the process for choosing the panties? –  After being in business for over 7 years, we have gotten to know our customers through surveys and in person customer feedback sessions. We take note of each email and customer interaction. We are in the business of giving our customers exactly what they want, plus we introduce them to what we also find exciting!

11. Why PBP over other panty subscriptions? – PBP is the original panty subscription and in fact started the wave of subscription boxes we all enjoy now. PBP is the original BMG of panties (are you old enough to know what I’m referring to? Lol.). We’ll continue to be here and have offered steady and stunning panties for over 7 years. We offer our own line, plus we travel the world to gather our favorite styles to share with our loyal customer base. Our customers return year after year, so we must be doing lots right.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting a bit of insight into one of our favorite Box Subscriptions! I’m sure you can see why we love them so!





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