See New Skincare: How To Use Products You Don’t Love


Say it with us: no product gets left behind! Just because it doesn’t get used on our face, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get used!

Isn’t it disappointing when you see your favorite skinfluencer rave about a product, and you just……don’t.

At See New Skincare we try out a LOT of skincare, and naturally, don’t fall in love with all of it. However, we do believe we’ve mastered repurposing skincare, here’s some of our favorite tips.

Cleansing oils + Balms

  • Turn cleansing oils you don’t love, into a body scrub! Mix the cleansing oil with sugar or sea salt (my favorite is brown sugar for extra moisture). You can adjust the oil to sugar ratio depending on how sensitive your skin is.
  • Cleansing balms + oils are also wonderful for shaving.
  • Oil cleansers double as makeup brush cleansers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fluffy your brushes will be.

Moisturizer + Serums/Oils

  • Arguably the most multi-purpose product out there.
  • Foot cream, hand cream, knee cream, neck cream, elbow cream, boob cream, you name it.
  • Serums also typically fit into this category, mix with moisturizer then apply to above areas mentioned.
  • Unscented oils work wonderfully as overnight treatments.
  • Try adding 5 drops of any oil your face isn’t obsessed with, into your next bubble bath. You can expect silky skin afterwards!

Acids + Toners

  • Our scalp is really just skin, a fact that we strangely enough often forget.  Apply a thin layer of the exfoliating liquid onto your scalp pre-wash, then massage it in for a bit to help release all the old skin cells and product buildup. Leave on for about 20 minutes and then do your usual shampoo and conditioning routine.
  • If you have old self tanner on knees and elbows, swiping toner on them can help lift the color from your skin.
  • Foot exfoliator, trust me on this one.

Masks + Eye creams

  • If it’s a powdered formula, try mixing with water & using it as a hand mask. This is my absolute favorite way of getting through masks I’m not in love with. If it’s a clay mask, I do like to use it as a spot treatment.
  • Your hands are one of the first places you start to notice visible aging. Eye creams to the rescue baby! Since eye creams are designed to be fast-drying, it’s a great option as a hand cream

-See New Skincare

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