SprezzaBox VS Gentleman’s Box


Welcome to Throwdown Thursday! Who doesn’t love a little competition. Let’s see how these Men’s Accessories Boxes stand the test. See our comparison below.


  • Price: $28 per month
  • What You Get: Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories
  • Number of Items: 5-6
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Ships From: US
  • Shipping Cost: Free to US, $6 Canada, $8 Worldwide
  • Coupon Code: AYOB for 10% off first box
  • Value: $102 – $131 per box
  • Curation: Boxes are curated by their expert stylists and are based on a monthly theme.
  • Loyalty Program: With their Loyalty Rewards Program, you can earn exclusive discounts by simply being a subscriber. There’s no sign-up required and you’re automatically enrolled.
  • Past Reviews: CLICK HERE


Gentleman’s Box
  • Price: $25 per Month
  • What You Get: Grooming Supplies to Style Accessories
  • Number of Items: 4-5
  • Ships to: US & Canada
  • Ships From: US
  • Shipping Cost: Free to US, $8 to Canada
  • Coupon Code: AYOB of $5 off your first month
  • Value: $78 – $205 per box
  • Curation: Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in the box are themed accordingly.
  • Past Reviews: CLICK HERE


SprezzaBox VS Gentleman’s Box – Final Thoughts

As you can see by our comparison both boxes are quite similar in most categories. SprezzaBox does ship worldwide, has exceptional customer service and comes with 1 more item than Gentleman’s box’s, but Gentleman’s box does offer a higher discount to AYOB viewers. We also love the fact that SprezzBox has a Loyalty Program for their subscribers. Overall they are pretty neck and neck. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of them to any man looking to spruce up his wardrobe.



SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription service curated by a team of expert stylists. Every box contains essential men’s accessories and is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Use code AYOB20 for 20% off first box! Learn More about SprezzaBox »

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