Subscription Box Finds: Gustus Vitae as Seen in California Found

I often discover some really amazing products thanks to my subscription boxes. I love stumbling upon a new favorite, finding something I didn’t know I needed, and getting to test out products before committing to the full-size version. So….I though it might be fun to share with you some of my favorite Subscription Box Finds.

Every now and then I receive a product in a subscription box that I absolutely LOVE and would definitely purchase again. These are the products I will be sharing with you in our new feature – Subscription Box Finds.

Today we are featuring a spice blend from my new favorite spice company Gustus Vitae. I received 3 of their spice blends in the February California Found box. I was so intrigued by the fun little magnetic tins (perfect for hanging on your fridge) that I just had to check out the rest of their product line. Upon further inspection I found out that they have an amazing selection of spices……and I LOVE quality spice blends.

Gustus Vitae Details

Gustus Vitae has 6 different spice categories to choose from: Gourmet Cane Sugar, Limited Edition, Single Ingredient, Gourmet Collections, Gourmet Seasonings, Gourmet Salts.

They believe in quality above all else. Their artisan spice and herb blends and gourmet seasonings are crafted in the USA, and their salt is sustainably sourced from the San Francisco Bay . They print their labels on recycled paper, and apply American-made magnets to the back of each tin, allowing the spices and seasonings to be stored on the fridge as well as the spice drawer.

They kindly sent me a sampling of some of their best sellers and included in the box was Everything Brooklyn Bagel Seasoning.

Everything Brooklyn Bagel Seasoning

“Who doesn’t love bagels? We’ve been hard at work deconstructing and creating, using only the best in sustainably sourced ingredients, the very best part of a bagel: the seasoning. Our Everything Brooklyn Bagel Seasoning, is our new favorite spice blend, and we can’t stop finding new and delicious ways use it, from jazzing up a simple hummus, to creating an amazing avocado toast & bagel hybrid, to using a blackening seasoning on roast fish and chicken: we’re even using it on salads to liven then up and get a little extra crunch from the seeds.”

Here’s a peek at an easy recipe using Everything Brooklyn Bagel Seasoning…..

Recipe: Avocado Toast with Beet Spread and Arugula



  • toast bread
  • top with beet spread, arugula, sliced avocado
  • sprinkle with seasoning
  • enjoy

A closer look at a couple of the other ingredients…..

Beet & Balsamic Spread: This natural bright pink dip uses the sweet flavour of beets and balances it with balsamic and creamy cashew for just the right balance of natural sweetness and a tangy zip!

Sprout Olive & Herb Bread: Handmade, naturally-fermented bread.

Thank you for joining us for our first Subscription Box Find Feature. We hope you love the recipe as much as we do, and we highly recommend spending some time on the Gustus Vitae website. They have some amazing spice blends. Stay tuned for more recipes……





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