viXXen Box Giveaway June 2019


This week we have teamed up with viXXen Box for our weekly GIVEAWAY!

The viXXen Box is a box full of Candice’s (the owners) favorite things! All you have to do is pick your size, and they do the rest!

Enter to Win: The Summer 2019 viXXen Box!


Giveaway runs from June 3rd – June 9th.

Winner will be announced June 10th on our “Previous Winner” page – HERE

What’s in the viXXen Box?

To keep the element of surprise, they won’t release photos of what’s in each box until they’ve been received by customers across Canada & the USA.

Each box will include:

  • 2 tops appropriate for the season (ie: tank tops for summer, sweaters for winter)
  • 2 pieces of jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring)
  •  1 accessory (scarf, wallet, cute socks, leggings, etc)
  • and 1 tasty snack!

Good Luck!

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