Moms + Babes Box Winter 2019 Box Now Available

Moms + Babes Box is a subscription-based service that delivers high-quality, premium products for both moms and their kiddos four times a year. Each box is limited edition and contains $150+ in retail value! It is like the ultimate mommy fist-bump—a collection of awesome, “how’d-I-ever-live-without-it” products that are handpicked and delivered straight to your door.

The Winter 2019 Moms + Babes Box is now available!

“Moms + Babes Box is new and improved! Starting with our Winter box (shipping NOW) we are condensing Moms + Babes Box into one ahhhmazing box filled with goodies for… you guessed it….Moms and their Babes.

Rather than having to change boxes each quarter as your babe grows, the babe portion of the box will be geared for all ages. Since we now only offer ONE box, the value of that box is skyrocketing along with the number of items inside each box. Sometimes you may get an item too young for your babe, but that’s a perfect gift for a new momma. Sometimes you may get an item your babe has yet to grow into, but you can put that away until he/she is old enough. Each box is one of a kind and trust us when we say that they’re going to be sold out QUICK!”

What You Get: Moms + Babes Box is a curated collection of at least six full-size, premium products delivered straight to you and your babe 4x per year. Four times a year, you will be sent a new box! Each box is limited edition and contains $150+ in retail value. Boxes are shipped in March, June, September, and December.





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