SoulCraft Creative Wellness Series: FREE to Join

SoulCraft is a monthly craft subscription. Each project is designed around a different art or craft and contains materials and a project guide.

SoulCraft is running a month long creative wellness series…

We’re inviting everyone, no need to be a subscriber, to set aside a half hour each week to join us for a craft snack; a little creative ‘you time’.

Each Wednesday in July we will post a video demonstration and you are welcome to follow along or use the time for your own choice of activity.

For week 1, you will need:
  • a piece of cardboard (a delivery box is perfect)
  • ruler, scissors, glue and a pencil
  • a large yarn needle and some yarns (scraps are perfect, whatever you have around the house)
  • a strong cotton type thread (embroidery floss is perfect, thin string or cord will work too)
  • your herbal tea, hot chocolate or coffee of choice
So set aside time in your calendar, get your favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate ready and get ready for some crafty relaxation time!  To join – CLICK HERE


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