SoulCraft Limited Edition Box Now Available: October 2021

SoulCraft is a monthly craft subscription. Each project is designed around a different art or craft and contains materials and a project guide.

SoulCraft is offering a limited edition box in October…

Bookworm Alert!

We have a VERY special, (slightly geeky), LIMITED EDITION, ‘one off’ box for you…

Our October ‘special’ is based on the international best selling novel ‘The Club Dumas’ which has since been made into the mystery thriller The Ninth Gate!

This limited edition box will ship on October 15 and contains all the materials you need to make your very own ‘Nine Gates’ with beautiful coptic stitch bookbinding technique! As always, our accompanying guide will take you step by step through the how to!

If you like to lose yourself in a great story and enjoy a crafty activity that’s a little bit different then this one is definitely for you!

What You Get: Every SoulCraft project is designed around a different art or craft. Each box contains premium materials and a detailed guide, as well as a little extra special something, (an exclusive gift) sent only to subscribers. If you really enjoyed a project, they offer a ‘top up your box’ in their store where you can purchase additional materials for each of the projects.


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