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All Girl Shave Club Rose Gold Razor with Diamond Coated 6-blade Refills and Pink Champagne Whipped Shave Butter

All Girl Shave Club is the easiest (and most beautiful) way to shave! Get the closest shave ever with a stunning rose gold razor that works as great as it looks in your shower. Uplevel your shave with a gorgeous weighted razor handle and diamond-coated 6-blade razor refills delivered exactly when you need them. Add on the luscious Whipped Shave Butter that everyone’s talking about for the smoothest. shave. ever!

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What’s included in All Girl Shave Club?

All Girl Shave Club adds a little luxury to your shaving routine with premium shaving products all customized and delivered based on YOUR unique shaving habits. Select from a variety of ah-mazing Shave Butter scents – such as Pink Champagne or Vanilla Crush, and choose to make it even more fun with Pre-Shave Scrub in Tahitian Coconut. Who says shaving has to be a chore?


All Girl Shave Club

For every woman who's ever thought, 'Why can't women's razors be this good?' — this one's for you. Premium razors and deliciously scented Whipped Shave Butter for your legs, pits, and bits. Customize your perfect plan!

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