The Story of Perfume Box Coupon Code January 2017

 The Story of Perfume Coupon Code January 2017

Harvey Prince Organics is offering our readers a special coupon code on their Story of Perfume Box that can be used to receive a FREE Ageless mini roller, (just pay shipping). You can even use the code as many times as you’d like – Limit is 1 free mini per transaction.

Simply go to the Ageless product page, select mini roller size, add to cart, and enter the special code at checkout!

 Use Coupon Code  HPYOUTH  – CLICK HERE

Ageless: A youthful, fruity perfume, was their first fragrance & is a perennial favorite. Its fresh aroma is inspired by research that shows the scent of pink grapefruit and mango can make a woman appear more youthful! These notes disguise the scent of age caused by the breakdown of fatty acids in the skin! Additional notes include apple, pineapple, pomegranate, lily, jasmine & vanilla. It’s a great fragrance for everyday wear or for nights out!

Honestly, this perfume is AH-mazing! And seriously, how do you say no to free?


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