5 Wacky Women Review January 2016

5 Wacky Women is a new subscription box put together by five, notoriously wacky ladies, who also happen to have a retail store full of wacky and wonderful things. I’ve seen some pictures, and these ladies look like they know  how to have a good time. I wasn’t crazy about the name of the box at first but after I did a little research it seems to make perfect sense. Let’s just say that the ladies behind 5 Wacky Women are the kind of ladies you definitely want to be friends with.

In you aren’t familiar with 5 Wacky Women it is a subscription box for the woman in your life (sister, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, colleague, grandmother, yourself) who perhaps is difficult to shop for  but loves a fun surprise and a good time! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

5 Wacky Women January 2016 12 5 Wacky Women January 2016 6

The Box: 5 Wacky Women

Cost: $34.95 per month

What You Get: Each month, the fun, fabulous and of course wacky team at 5 Wacky Women will choose  four to six unique products to feature in their monthly box.

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: $5

5 Wacky Women January 2016 8

This month’s box appears to have a bit of a theme – Winterize Your Skin. I’m still getting to know this box so I’m not sure if they do a theme every month, but it would be great if they did.

5 Wacky Women January 2016 9

The Farmhouse Fresh Melt Balm Plum Chiffon ($12.50) – First off, I have to say how amazing this smells. And I also have to say that they get bonus points for including ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. It is supposed to melt into skin to nourish dry areas like hands, knees and knuckles…..so basically its perfect for Winter.

5 Wacky Women January 2016 15

Mangiacotti Hand Sanitizer ($6) – I love any sort of travel item that is purse friendly, and it makes it even better when it smells of essential oils. It’s already in my purse – FYI.

5 Wacky Women January 2016 14

Mangiacotti Mini Lip Repair ($5) – Mini lip balms!! Do you know how excited I am right now? And they are made with organic ingredients? I don’t know if I can handle this much excitement.

5 Wacky Women January 2016 1

The Spa Relaxus Coconut Oil Facial Mask ($2.50) – I’m quite the skeptic when it comes to face products, but this one contains three of my favourite ingredients – coconut oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. There’s a small possibility I will give it a try.

5 Wacky Women January 2016 13 5 Wacky Women January 2016 11

TS Pink Bath Whip! Buttermilk & Honey ($12) & Loofa – When I first looked at this I thought it was a powder for some reason, but its this really weird bathing cream with a kind of whipped butter consistency. Does that even make sense? It smells really good and is made with a lot of really great, natural, ingredients and that’s all that matters.

5 Wacky Women January 2016 10 5 Wacky Women January 2016 7

A bag of bonus samples  – These last 4 items are complimentary items for the month and aren’t described on the product card. What a nice little bonus gift to receive, especially the Ginger Sorbet Body Milk, how good does that sound!

5 Wacky Women January 2016 4

Thoughts: I wasn’t sure what to think about this new subscription box at first, but as soon as I saw the picture of one of the five wacky ladies jumping out of a box covered in paper wrapping I fell in love. These ladies just look like they know how to have fun, they definitely don’t take life too seriously, and we all need a little more of that in our own lives, so how can you not love them. Now, on to the box itself….I love the theme behind the January box as it is very appropriate, and we received some great items, but I like December’s box way more. Last month’s box contained an adult colouring book!! I want that box! Regardless…..I like what these ladies are doing and can’t wait to see what they come up with next month….I’m a fan!


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