All Girl Shave Club Review July 2022

All Girl Shave Club is the easiest (and most beautiful) way to shave! Get the closest shave ever with a stunning rose gold razor that works as great as it looks in your shower. Ditch the plastic and add a little luxury with a gorgeous weighted razor handle and diamond-coated six blade razor refills delivered exactly when you need them! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

All Girl Shave Club subscriptions include the following……

  • Your Starter Kit includes a Rose Gold handle (in the grip color of your choice), 4 replacement 6-blade razor refills, a safety cover and glitter storage tote!
  • After receiving your starter kit, you’ll get 8 diamond coated razor refill cartridges as often as you’d like!
  • Option to add on fun shaving essentials like the wildly popular Whipped Shave Butter!

Here’s a closer look at our first delivery from All Girl Shave Club….

Rose Gold Handle (starter kit): The starter kit comes with this beautiful rose gold handle in your choice of 2 colors (purple or pink). I received the one with the purple grip and it is so pretty.

4 Replacement 6-Blade Razor Refills: The starter kit comes with 4 replacement refills and after that you will receive 8 diamond coated razor refill cartridges as often as you’d like!

Glitter Storage Tote (started kit): The started kit also includes this super cute tote to store your razor and refills in. I think this is a great idea because I love to keep things organized. It is also perfect for travel.

Safety Cover (starter kit): This safety cover is also perfect for storing your razor and for travel purposes.

Whipped Shave Butter (add-on): When signing up for a subscription you have the option to add on shave butter. It is available in the following scents….

  • Pink Champagne
  • Unicorn Kisses
  • Flirty Mermaid
  • Vanilla Crush
  • Beach Babe

Pre-Shave Scrub (add-on): This pre-shave scrub is available in the All Girl Shave Club shop and it smells SO good! Here’s a little more info….

“Exfoliate, tighten and condition skin with your new favorite Pre-Shave Scrub in Tahitian Coconut. This emulsified sugar-based scrub buffs away dead skin cells and pore-clogging build up to prepare your skin for an extra close, extra smooth shave!”

All Girl Shave Club Review July 2022 – Final Thoughts

This is my first time receiving All Girl Shave Club and so far I am a HUGE fan! I love the idea of having shaving refills delivered to your door on a regular basis as it is so convenient. I love the Starter Kit and the color options for the handle. I also love the fact that they have shaving accessories available as add-ons….the shave butter smells amazing! This is a wonderful subscription for women, teens, tweens… name it!

-AYOB Sarah

All Girl Shave Club

For every woman who's ever thought, 'Why can't women's razors be this good?' — this one's for you. Premium razors and deliciously scented Whipped Shave Butter for your legs, pits, and bits. Customize your perfect plan!

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