Anchor of Hope Review May 2024

It’s always a treat when the Anchor of Hope box arrives because not only can I count on the items inside being beautiful, functional, and high quality – I know that this box is supporting an incredible mission.  We all need hope to survive the chaos of the world at times, and this box serves as a beacon for disadvantaged women to change their circumstances and find a renewed sense of hope.

They kindly sent us this box for review.

Anchor of Hope Subscription Details

Anchor of Hope is a monthly subscription that is thoughtfully curated with 3 quality, handmade items such as jewelry, accessories, home goods, ceramics, artwork, exotic spices, and more. Boxes contain an information card about the products and the artisans that made them as well.  The mission behind Anchor of Hope is to support survivors of human trafficking, refugees, and others in vulnerable situations. Subscribing to Anchor of Hope gives hope and dignity to individuals who are working to overcome poverty and injustice that has marked their lives.

Boxes start at $36 per month and ship throughout the USA. Don’t miss the 50% off discount code that they’ve generously offered our readers, applicable on any multi-month plan.

Unboxing the May 2024 Anchor of Hope Box

Let’s have a peek inside the May 2024 Anchor of Hope box…

I always love the smokey mauve tissue and their beautifully designed product cards. It gives it such a classy feel. On top of the product card is an info card that shares details about the company and its mission.

Under the tissue reveals the three items included in this month’s box. You may be wondering why they only include three items. The reason for this is Anchor of Hope values being able to pay their artisans well and fairly. They don’t want to send you a box of small trinkets each month. They hire artisans to create quality products that you’ll treasure, or that you can pass along to gift a friend or loved one, that they’ll treasure.  Because they can pay their artisans fairly, the women making the products can gain significant income to change their circumstances. It’s really a win for everyone.

Handwoven Trinket: This thoughtfully crafted trivet was handmade in Rwanda. I love this piece because it’s so versatile. They’ve included a braided loop so it can be hung on the wall as decor or it can be used in the traditional way as a hot pad. The natural colors are just beautiful. It’s not flimsy at all, it’s very well made and I think it would look lovely under a centerpiece on the table.

Kantha Washcloth – Set of 2: These cloths have quite the story behind them! Handmade in India out of recycled sari products – the fabric bears the history and patches of the women who loved them first. Each cloth is uniquely made so no two cloths are exactly alike. We received 2 different patterns and they’re both beautiful in their own way. Each one has a fabric loop that can be used for hanging. They’re lightweight with detailed stitching throughout. I really love the upcycled sari fabric and think these are so special.

Resin Earrings: These were my favorite items in the box this month! Handmade in India, the yellow resin is perfect for summer and a really pretty neutral that can be dressed up or down. The marginalized artisans that made them are equipped by the support of this purchase to not only earn fair wages, but it extends even further into being able to provide health services, clean water projects, and training workshops. Talk about an impact.

Anchor of Hope Review May 2024 – Final Thoughts

Another beautiful set of treasured products from Anchor of Hope.  I love that they always include a mixture of useful items and that they’re so intentional with the experience that they’re curating for their subscribers.  Sometimes receiving such thoughtfully inspired pieces means more than receiving a ton of not so practical pieces.  What do you think? I’d love to know.

As I mentioned before, I also think the Anchor of Hope box makes keeping thoughtful gifts on hand so easy. Each item really could be packaged up as a gift on its own, and you can even cut out the details about each product from the product card to include with your gift so the recipient can learn more about the item they’re receiving.  I know I like to keep a gift shelf in one of my closets so that if I’m always prepared for unexpected (or planned!) gifts.

-AYOB Jessica

Anchor of Hope

Anchor of Hope Box is a monthly box that brings fair trade artisan goods that tell stories of hope straight to your door. We invite you to say yes to empowering disadvantaged artisans and subscribe to AOHB!

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