Angel Shave Club Review April 2016

I discovered Angel Shave Club only about a month ago. Until then I was only aware of one other subscription box for ladies razors. I happen to think subscription boxes like this are a great idea, I classify them in my “convenience subscription” category along with Time of the Month Boxes. I hate having to purchase “necessities” and find it so much easier to just receive them in the mail. So, it should be obvious that I already like this subscription…… without even looking in the box.

If you aren’t familiar with Angel Shave Club it is the first online boutique subscription shave club exclusively designed for women. High quality razors delivered to your door. This box was provided complimentary for review.

Angel Shave Club April 2016 1 Angel Shave Club April 2016 2

The Box: Angel Shave Club

Cost: $6 per month (3 blades) or $9 per month (6 blades)

What You Get: Boxes ship every 2 months and you get 8 blades in total. You can also choose to receive shipments every 4 months at the same pricing.

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE

Angel Shave Club April 2016 3

When you sign up for Angel Shave Club you will get a free handle in the color of your choice with your first shipment. Every 2 months after that you will receive your blades according to the plan you signed up for.

Angel Shave Club April 2016 6

Handle – Why is it that everything is so much more fun when it is pink. I love the look of the handle and found it to have a comfortable grip.

Angel Shave Club April 2016 7

Blades – When you sign up for a subscription you choose either the 3 blade option or the 6 blade option. I received the 6 blade option with a total of 8 in the box.

Angel Shave Club April 2016 5

Thoughts: Full disclosure – I don’t really need to shave. I splurged a couple of years ago and got myself laser hair removal. My sister use to bug me and call me the hairless cat (too much information). However, even when you get laser hair removal you will have regrowth at some point, so I find myself having to shave every few weeks. Seeing as shaving isn’t necessary during my daily shower routine I’ve never bought myself a good razor, I actually use men’s disposable razors as I find that they work better than ladies. I’m actually looking forward to testing out a quality razor (for the first time) as well as quality blades…..and seeing as I rarely have to shave, these should last me quite a while.





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