Basic MAN Review May 2019

Summer is coming and so are the Summer sweats!

Undershirts to catch the wet have never been more important!

Once again it’s Basic MAN to the rescue with a new fresh set of everything that’s hidden behind ‘clothes-d’ doors.

A subscription box that offers a monthly drop of underwear, under shirt and socks.

Let’s take a look at May’s ‘airy’ color palate and offering.


This lightweight, pre shrunk, 60/40 cotton poly crew neck is perfect to soak up the damp while keeping you cool and comfy.


This months zigzag pattern is colorful and exciting. And as a size 13 foot, these socks offer the perfect amount of stretch, allowing them to fit properly.

Boxer Briefs

Classic in black, your tinder date won’t see your ‘swass’ should things turn romantic.

Always extremely comfortable, May’s color offerings are my favorite of all Basic MAN’s deliveries to date!

Ryan Massel –

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