Basic MAN Review May 2020

Basic MAN is a monthly subscription service that will deliver 3 essential pieces of your daily life to your doorstep. Every month, they will send you a t-shirt, boxer briefs and socks. It’s time to say goodbye to those saggy tee’s, stained underwear and socks with holes in them. They kindly sent us this package for review.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about gift options. Given the current circumstances, subscriptions boxes are one of the best gifts to give seeing as they are sent in the mail and require no contact. Dad will get a wonderful surprise and a little reminder of just how much you love him. So…..let us introduce you to one of our fave men’s boxes for gifting – Basic MAN.

Subscription Details

Basic MAN subscriptions are pretty straight forward. They make it easy, all you gotta do is pick your sizes and a monthly plan. Then just sit back and pop a cold one.

  1. Select Your Size – Pick your sizes. Exchanges are always free.
  2. Pick A Plan – Choose from a monthly or a pre-paid plan.
  3. Check Your Mail – Sit back and relax. Your package is on its way.

Here’s a peek at the items we received for May…..

High Quality T-Shirts

Are you the guy who wears an undershirt below your clothes? Or are you the guy who wears a tee as a fashion statement? Basic MAN shirts are for the both of you.

Our shirts are a hybrid between undershirts and your everyday tee. We use a heavier blended cotton fabric making them extremely soft while minimizing shrinkage and bunching. Subtle details give them a premium feel so you can wear them on their own.

Every month brings with it another tee in a different color. They are perfect for any wardrobe thanks to their versatility. Use them for layering, working out, casual outfits, etc….. Every guys needs a selection of tees to choose from and the best part about these ones……they come with an expiry date. The perfect reminder to keep your t-shirt game fresh and up-to-date.

This month we received a slate grey (hint of blue) v-neck tee. Notice the expiry date – January 31, 2023. Food isn’t the only thing that expires.

Modal Boxer-Briefs

Typical boxer-briefs are made from cotton or polyester. These fabrics attract bacteria, don’t absorb sweat well, and smell. Instead, we use Modal, which is a sustainable fabric made from beechwood trees. It’s 50% more absorbent than cotton, breathable and odor resistant…but more importantly it’s ridiculously soft and comfortable. Ever heard of Modal fabric? Probably not, but trust us, this stuff is amazing!

We have come to love and appreciate Basic MAN boxers. The fabric is amazing – hello Modal! They are comfortable, they wash well and the fit is great. They went with an olive green for May. Last month was the first month we saw mesh detailing. Here it is again this month. Maybe this will be the new design going forward?

Multi-Purpose Socks

Do you ride around on those hover board things all day? Well, that’s weird. For the rest of us, our feet take a beating on a daily basis. Our socks aren’t just your regular dress socks. They are meant for everyday wear and tear. We use premium cotton and bamboo for optimal comfort. Wear them with a suit, or casually with a pair chucks.

When we think of men’s essentials socks are one of the first things that come to mind. So….. Basic MAN wouldn’t be complete without them. The color matches the boxes, a secret only your man and you will know, and the subtle palm tree pattern gives them just a hint of style.



Basic MAN Review May 2020 – Final Thoughts

Basic MAN is a must-have subscription for any guy. The price point can’t be beat and every guy needs a tee, boxer and sock refresh on a regular basis. We have said it before, and will say it again….we would love to see a women’s version!! Until then, let’s appreciate the fact that the men have such a great subscription option, should they choose to take advantage of it…..and they should!


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