Basic MAN Review November 2019

Basic MAN is a monthly subscription service that will deliver 3 essential pieces of your daily life to your doorstep. Every month, they will send you a t-shirt, boxer briefs and socks. It’s time to say goodbye to those saggy tee’s, stained underwear and socks with holes in them. They kindly sent us this package for review.

This is the perfect box for any man in your life! My husband wears a t-shirt every single day so he used to have to get replacement shirts every month. Now he doesn’t have to worry about buying underwear, socks or t-shirts ever again.

Subscription Details

Basic MAN subscriptions are pretty straight forward. They make it easy, all you gotta do is pick your sizes and a monthly plan. Then just sit back and pop a cold one.

Select Your Size – Pick your sizes. Exchanges are always free.

Pick A Plan – Choose from a monthly or a pre-paid plan.

Check Your Mail – Sit back and relax. Your package is on its way.

Here’s a peek at the items we received for November…..

T-Shirt: The best part about the items in this subscription box is that the t-shirts will go with anything since they are plain and simple. Wear the shirt as an undershirt or sport with it with your favourite pair of pants. This month’s color was beige – a nice complement to jeans!

Underwear: This month included maroon coloured boxers. 95% modal and soooooo soft!

Socks: Beige coloured socks were a part of this month’s package – a nice match with the t-shirt.

Basic MAN Review November 2019 – Final Thoughts

What a great idea for a subscription box because who doesn’t love new socks and underwear??? The price is also reasonable too – for less than $20 – a package that includes a premium quality t-shirt, socks and underwear is delivered right to your door. Basic MAN would make a great Christmas gift that would keep on giving!


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