Bath Blessing Box Review July 2019

Bath Blessing Box is a monthly surprise subscription box boasting luxury bath and body essentials. They feature and create artisan healthy and natural products for those who want to live a relaxation and renewed lifestyle. They kindly sent us this box for review.

My July Bath Blessing Box arrived late but I am totally ok with that. As I’ve said before, I would rather receive a box late than not at all. This will be my fourth review for the wonderful little bath & body box and I have been LOVING it! It is easily one of my favorite bath & body subscriptions.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Bath Blessing Box subscription you have 2 options to choose from:

Sanctuary Bath Box: The deluxe Sanctuary Box is a premium collection of bath and body treasures. Each box will feature 5-8 items and will include:

  • one or more luxury bar soaps and/or body wash
  • one or more delicious body scrub, bath salt, bath soak, body butter or specialty item
  • one or more bath bomb/shower steamer (you will get to tell us if you prefer just bath or just shower items)
  • additional items can include bath inspired goodies and accessories

Babe Bath Box Sampler: The deluxe Babe Box is a smaller version of the Sanctuary Box. The same premium collection of bath and body treasures. Each box will feature 3-4 items and will include:

  • one or more luxury bar soaps and/or body wash
  • one or more bath bomb/shower steamer (you will get to tell us if you prefer just bath or just shower items)
  • additional items can include bath inspired goodies and accessories

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the July Bath Blessing Box…..

Lilac Luxe Artisan Soap – Bath Blessing

Our Bath blessing exclusive artisan soap this month is selected by our long time subscriber – Gillian. On one of our customer surveys, Gillian mentioned Lilac as a favorite. So we researched and developed the world’s best Lilac Luxury Soap.

Ok….when I saw this in the box I was both excited and skeptical. Lilac is one of my favorite scents and one of my favourite flowers. It reminds me of childhood so it holds a special place in my heart. Therefore I was super excited for the idea of a lilac scented soap, but would it actually smell like lilac?? I’m happy to report it does. It smells JUST like lilacs and it is making me so darn happy. This will be going on display in my guest bathroom.

Sunset Citrus Sage Bath Bomb – Bath Blessing

This essential oil blend will have your mind racing through fields of lemongrass and oranges, with sweet petit grain, cedar and sage in the passing wind. Like watching a beautiful sunset, this refreshing delight will create a spa experience! No worries if they crumble slightly – that’s what they are supposed to do.

Summer Sunset Bath Bomb – Bath Blessing

Just add this delicious bath ball to running water to release its relaxing wonderland. The Sunset Bomb bath experience creates the sunset colorscape in your bath. The spectacular coconut and almond bomb brings the vibe of South Beach to your bathing experience.

Loving the gorgeous color of the both these bath bombs and loving the scent even more. Bath bombs are a fun little treat for the bath and really great to have on hand. I wish I could describe how good they smell – summery, fresh, fruity, and energizing. I literally can’t stop smelling them.

Summer Mood Body Wash – Kneipp

The fruit fragrance of watermelon and mint invigorates the sense – you will be all ready for a perfect summer day. The nourishing, plant-based formula improves the feel of the skin leaving it moisturized and refreshed. Enjoy in bath or shower for a delightful mood lift oh-so-summery feeling.

I think this might be my favorite item in the July Bath Blessing Box. I just ran out of body wash (from one of my previous Bath Blessing Boxes) and was in need of a new one. The smell is amazing, it’s like watermelon bubblegum with just a tiny hint of mint.

Natural Lavender Body Butter Souffle – Bath Blessing

As dessert is to the palate, this moisturizing wonder is to your skin. After the bath, shower, or in between, the cool and refreshing all natural body butter will saturate your skin with hints of lavender and several other essential oils to hold in moisture and replenish loss during Summertime activities.

Body butter is something I LOVE to see in my Bath Blessing Boxes. I would be happy if we received some sort of lotion or body oil in every box. This one is lavender scented so I think I will use it after my evening bath or shower. A great way to relax before bed.

Papaya Yuzu Spongette – Spongelle

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and nourish your skin with the beloved Spongette sized sponge infused with soapy wonder. Scented with citrus yuzu and papaya fruit notes, cyclamen, bois de rose and sweet caramel.

Oh my goodness! This just made my day. I am a HUGE fan of Spongelle sponges, as I think most people are. They are just so convenient, whether it be for travel, or everyday use. I just love them. This one fits with the overall theme – and has an AH-mazing scent!

Bubbling Mineral Bath Salt – Kneipp

Escape the everyday and take a brief vacation in your bathroom! “UNWIND” with valuable frangipani extract as natural essential oil whisks you off to exotic worlds of fragrance. Nourishing oil prevents your skin from drying out.

Lastly we have a bath salt which rounds out the box nicely. A lovely little treat for bath night, and a nice way to pamper yourself after a long week.

Bath Blessing Box Review July 2019 – Final Thoughts

Is it just me or is this not an amazing box! I just love my Bath Blessing Box deliveries and this month is no exception. As per usual, everything smells amazing, and when I say amazing, I mean AH-MAZING! When it comes to scented products, Bath Blessing Box really knows what they are doing. This month’s box brought with it a lovely mixture of products – soap, bath bombs, body lotion, body wash……and my favorite item of all-time – a Spongelle sponge. Can they include one of those every month?? Anyways, if you are in the market for a bath & body subscription box, this is the one you need.


Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box is the premier Spa Subscription box for Bath and Shower Lovers. Perfect for those who prioritize their selfcare or as gift subscription for those who deserve pampering!

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