Bath Blessing Box Review October 2019

Bath Blessing Box is a monthly surprise subscription box boasting luxury bath and body essentials. They feature and create artisan healthy and natural products for those who want to live a relaxation and renewed lifestyle. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Bath Blessing Box is like a breath of fresh air. I want to savour every moment of the unboxing experience because the products are so much fun and everything smells so darn good. I literally can’t get over the fact that they manage to put together the best smelling box month after month. There hasn’t been a product and/or scent I didn’t like. And this month is no exception……

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Bath Blessing Box subscription you have 2 options to choose from:

Sanctuary Bath Box: The deluxe Sanctuary Box is a premium collection of bath and body treasures. Each box will feature 5-8 items and will include:

  • one or more luxury bar soaps and/or body wash
  • one or more delicious body scrub, bath salt, bath soak, body butter or specialty item
  • one or more bath bomb/shower steamer (you will get to tell us if you prefer just bath or just shower items)
  • additional items can include bath inspired goodies and accessories

Babe Bath Box Sampler: The deluxe Babe Box is a smaller version of the Sanctuary Box. The same premium collection of bath and body treasures. Each box will feature 3-4 items and will include:

  • one or more luxury bar soaps and/or body wash
  • one or more bath bomb/shower steamer (you will get to tell us if you prefer just bath or just shower items)
  • additional items can include bath inspired goodies and accessories

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the October Bath Blessing Box…..

Harvest Pumpkin Artisan Soap | Bath Blessing 

This Bath Blessing exclusive artisan soap is simply delicious! It smells good enough to eat, but we must resist! Our aromatherapeutic soap boasts an abundance of essential oils and buttery pumpkin goodness. This is the pure soap will set your mood for all of the Fall Harvest Festivals. You may even get the urge to bake a pumpkin pie or or crunch cake! 

We are off to an amazing start with this first item. Give me anything pumpkin and I am a happy girl! This soap smells too good to use…..I say that every time. It has all the fall scents – warmth, spice, pumpkin…’s amazing!

Pumpkin Crush Bath Ball | Bath Blessing 

Nothing brings the Fall feeling like our Pumpkin Bath Ball. An inviting aroma of pumpkin, spices, and sugar blend into a delightful soak that is perfect for a brisk Autumn evening. A blend of sweet pumpkin, crunch cake, almond, and an abundance of oils to soothe and soften your skin. 

This just might be my favorite bath bomb yet. It has the most amazing scent. It’s warm, spicy and SO appropriate for Fall.

Fresh Fig Tub Truffle | Rinse Bath and Body 

This cocoa butter based bath bomb offers a nice, clean fig scent. Enjoy as it fizzes in your tub and the cocoa butter slowly melts away, conditioning your bath and skin. There is just enough butter to lightly moisturize the skin with goodness!

I love bath bombs that also provide a little extra moisture. There’s something nice about lounging in a bath full of good scents and skin softening ingredients.

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Tea | The Country Muffin 

What is better in the bath (or after shower) spa treatment than an organic seasonal favorite organic tea! Celebrate Autumn with the delicious flavors of pumpkin pie! Use ½ Tablespoon of tea in 8 oz of hot water and allow to set for 15 minutes before straining. Stir in ⅛ cup milk an 1-2 Tablespoons sweetener. 

I LOVE that they included a yummy Fall tea in the October box. It’s made with some of my faves – rooibos, and cinnamon. A nice little treat to enjoy on a cold Fall afternoon.

Natural Sea Grass Sponge | Gulf Atlantic 

Sustainably harvested in the Gulf of Mexico, these natural sea sponges are rinsed numerous times to make them completely clean and healthy to use. Keep your sponge for years by rinsing it after each use, squeezing (not wringing) out the excess water and placing your sponge in a light airy place to dry. 

Ohhhh…..I love this! Perfect for my shower. I can use it with the body wash we received this month.

Fig Harvest Body Lotion | St. Joe Soaps & Essentials 

This sweet body delight boasts bright and crisp notes of apple, lemon and ginger with middle notes of fig, caramel and cinnamon. Simply light and splendid! 

Oh my goodness! I thought the soap would be my favorite item in the box this month but I have changed my mind – this lotion is my absolute FAVORITE. It smells like Christmas! It’s very thick but it absorbs nicely and leaves my skin feeling very soft.

Peppermint Natural Body Wash | Whispering Willow 

As water washes over you, allow the aroma from the Peppermint Natural Body Wash to bring on the season! While the rich lather from organic oils and botanicals gently cleanses your skin, let any tension and anxiety about the day simply melt away. In the end, you are clean, grounded, and renewed. 

This body wash will be perfect for morning showers. Peppermint is such a lovely scent. Fresh and invigorating.

Shower Product (for those who chose Shower or Surprise Me options) 

Honey Oatmeal & Grapefruit Shower Steamers | Bath Blessing 

These two shower steamers offer an extraordinary shower experience and can be broken in four sections each for use in eight showers. These are safe enough to be mini bath bombs. 

Bath Blessing Box was kind enough to send me both the bath and shower options this month. When you sign up for a subscription you can choose one or the other. I like the shower option because I shower more than I bath and I happen to LOVE shower steamers.

Bath Blessing Box Review October 2019 – Final Thoughts

Oh my goodness! The October Bath Blessing Box is absolutely ah-mazing! If you love Fall scents then you MUST get this box. It’s easily one of my favorite boxes to date. Every single item is curated perfectly for the Fall season. I am beyond excited to use the soap, lotion, bath bombs and body wash. Who am I kidding….I’m excited to use everything in this month’s box. They really did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier.


Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box is the premier Spa Subscription box for Bath and Shower Lovers. Perfect for those who prioritize their selfcare or as gift subscription for those who deserve pampering!

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