Bath & Spa Gift Box Review April 2019

Bath & Spa Gift Box was ahead of the game for shipping the April box. Not only me, but other subscribers already got their April box the last few days of march, I love that! You know by now Bath & Spa Gift Box is one of my favorite boxes to get and I wait anxiously each month to receive it.

This self-care spa box is jam packed with amazing scented goodies for your body, skin and mind and to give you a much needed me time to treat yourself.

There are two types of Bath & Spa Gift Box subscriptions: the Luxury box and the deluxe box.

I receive the Bath & Spa Gift Box luxury box but I will tell you what you could’ve gotten in April if you got the Deluxe option.

This month’s Bath & Spa Gift Box theme is Woodland Fairies, and it features almond, vitaming E and Sunflower oils and the scents are misty sandalwood, mystical sensual sandalwood and dragon’s blood.

Each month you’ll get a beautifully packed box that smells heavenly and it’s attention to detail is to die for. It’s packed in a sleek box, wrapped with matching tissue paper with a chic ribbon and paper squiggles all around.

On top of the box there’s a product card describing the scents, oils used and a list of the items received. Inside the card there’s also the owner’s business card, a thank you card and a postcard with the theme for the following month. May will be butterflies and lace and the scent featured will be Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Now let’s get into the Woodland Fairies Bath & Spa Gift Box!

Premium Skin Care Soap

Right on top I see the most beautiful bar of soap ever. It’s a fairy holding some flowers and the detail on it it’s incredible, you can see the folds of her dress, the leaves, the wings have shimmer and the flowers are a different color. The bar is dual color as well, the base is green and the top is lilac. I don’t know if I’ll ever brace myself to use this stunning bar of soap. The scent is Green fig and it smells amazing.

Shaving Cream & Razor

Next we received a shaving cream and a razor! This is the first time I’ve received a shaving cream and I am super excited! Its smells delicious and I know it’s gonna feel amazing on my skin because the Bath and Spa products are great for my skin. The Deluxe box also received a fluffy towel.

Bath Bomb

We received a bath bomb/bubble bath wrapped in blue foil and blue in color inside as well that smells heavenly.

Bath Bomb

We also received a huge bath bomb the shape of an egg scented with dragon’s blood, it’s woodland green and has an orange center. You can definitely crackle this bad boy and use it several times. The deluxe box also included a leaf shaped bath bomb scented with Mystical Woods.

Skin Care Bar

Scented with mystical woods as well is this leaf folded premium skin care bar. It’s shimmery green with purple leaves. Isn’t it adorable?

Body Lotion & Bubble Bath

I ran out of my bubble bath so I was so excited to see we received a 4 oz bottle of misty sandalwood bubble bath and one 4 oz bottle of body lotion. The Deluxe box included 12 oz each instead of 4.


One of my favorite things to receive in boxes are candles, and Bath & Spa Gift Box always includes the most amazing scented candles. This time it’s an Indigo Reef scented candle in a blue jar. It’s gorgeous and it smells like what dreams are made of.

Last but not least, we received a small baggie of jelly beans!

Again another amazing Bath & Spa Gift Box, for the cost of the subscription you get a ton of items, great sizes, incredible scents and top-notch quality, all creams and usable items that are hand-made. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now!

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