Bath & Spa Gift Box Review June 2018

Bath & Spa Gift Box is a subscription box that sends you a fresh fun box of cruelty-free bath and skin care products meticulously handmade and curated from great brands tailored to a specific fun theme every single month.

This subscription box is perfect for collecting premium bath and body items for your self-care routine. June’s box features the fragrances of Calypso Sun, Caribbean Coconuts, and Tangerine Grapefruit Cocktail. This amazing box includes an additional item – The Tear of Calypso Pendant!

What’s in the box?

  • 8 to 15 items per box, numbers will vary each month
  • Products include: premium skin care bars, bath fizzies (bombs), body butter, sugar scrubs, bath soaks, plush washcloth, and other spa items

I am a huge fan of subscription boxes that are dedicated to bath and spa time. I am so excited to share with you what I received in June’s box!

Feet, Hands, Elbows and Knees Skin Therapy Cream

My skin always gets so dry around my feet, hands, elbows, and knees so I was very excited when I received this. This cream is amazing and works very well. My skin is so soft and smooth.

Hand Painted Guest Soap

This soap looks so cute! I love the designs and they are perfect to put in the guest bathroom. It is so cool that these soaps are hand painted!

Solid Sugar Scrubs

These solid sugar scrubs leave my skin feeling so soft. I love the scents! Without the mess of a traditional scrub, these solid sugar scrubs make exfoliating and nourishing the skin simple and compact.

Scented Candles

I love lighting candles while I am taking a bath because it is so relaxing! These candles smell wonderful.

5 Piece Pedicure Kit

I love this pedicure kit! After a relaxing bath, it felt nice to give myself a pedicure. I love me time!

Bath Fizzies

I love bath fizzies because they make bath time so fun! These bath fizzies fizz really well and they smell so so good. The Caribbean Coconut one is my fave!

Premium Skincare Bar and Shell Soap Dish

This skincare bar is so cute and molded as a seashell. I love how this skincare bar came with a dish that is shaped like a shell. So cool!

Soaking Salts

These soaking salts are very relaxing and I love the scents!

Tear of Calypso Pendant

This pendant is so pretty and the story behind it is interesting!


I love these chocolates and this was a nice addition to the box.

Bath & Spa Gift Box Review June 2018 – Final Thoughts

I am in love with this box! The packaging is so beautiful and there are a lot of items in this box. All of the items were amazing! They definitely made my bath and spa time very relaxing. If you love relaxing baths then you really need to check out this subscription box!

Madison Loveday –

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